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I’m Roxy Lynch

Digital Gypsy, Your Business Cheerleader & Network Marketing Coach

Bringing Entrepreneurial Ladies to The Sunny Side of Life

I'm so excited you are here!

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It’s and honor and privilege to post a testimonial for Roxanne Lynch. I cannot think of a time when Roxy didn’t see the sunny-side of life. Even when the chips were down, she chose to find the goodness in everything and everyone. Her talent is recognizing talent in others, helping them to discover their gifts, strengths and then teaches them to use those gifts to grow. She understands that success comes from balance in life and in projects, and she always works hard and plays hard too. Her wisdom, home-grown truths and leadership-by-example are just a few of the reasons I love this lady and enjoy every second of this chaotic life that I am able to share with her. If you are considering joining Roxanne on her journey – GO FOR IT!
Bobbi Foulds

I have had the pleasure of meeting Roxanne on facebook. I had seen a few of her helpful videos on facebook. Her kindness and positive vibe made her shine. We started chatting and become friends She then made a group on facebook and it was their that I learned some helpful tips and tricks to do facebook lives. I learned the value of always to be positive. Roxanne is such a wonderful kind friend that spreads sunshine into your life. She always does facebook lives of techniques to use in direct sales and simply has become a wonderful friend.
Michelle Doucette

Roxanne has been a huge part of my business and the growth. She has encouraged me when I was at the breaking point and gave the advice and guided me to build my empower I couldn’t have done it with out her. She may be encouraging but she is also truthful and will tell you if it’s your slacking. I highly recommend her.
Kimberly Kay

About Me

Hello there Sunshine, welcome to my blog and good day to you… as my fingers strike the keyboard I can hear the robins & magpies chirping outside, the sun is rising & I just know it is going to be a beautiful, rewarding & satisfying day.

A little about me… I grew up in rural Cariboo Country in British Columbia, Canada surrounded by the great outdoors, meadows & horses. My dad was an avid family man who loved nature; blessed to a stay-at-home mom who was passionate about her flower beds & painting. With my sister & brother, our weekends were full of camping, gold panning, fishing, hiking, horse riding clinics & horse shows.

I spent most of my youth in 4-H Horse Clubs. It instilled a heart & passion for self-development, continuous education, creativity, of learning to do by doing and knowing that helping others helps ourselves.

Dad was very entrepreneurial with extra odd jobs, adventures, & a business of his own. I remember selling worms as a kid, doing landscape projects, taking in & breaking out other folk’s colts & fillies.

When it came to Network Marketing in the 1990s, I was always everyone’s best customer attending endless house parties & town markets & events, everyone’s best cheerleader; I never really felt the pull to partake in any of them. It wasn’t until my kids were almost grown & I was in my mid 40s that I finally got “pulled” emotionally & mentally to Network Marketing…

& it wasn’t because I needed income … I needed a Positive Circle, happiness… I had taken a new job promotion that began causing me a great deal of stress evolving into negative health issues. The kind of ones that cause panic attacks, deep chest pains, my hair beginning to fall out, unexpected weight gain, depression & me wanting to sleep ALL the time…

I started to be “open” to ideas & opportunities that would help me leave my toxic, but great paying job. With my children grown & Facebook gaining momentum as a social connector; I was pulled back to my primary love of helping others.

I ventured excitedly into the world & adventure of Internet Marketing in the fall of 2013 & quickly burnt through my “warm market.” I possessed zilch for social media marketing skills & being candid I didn’t understand even the basics of building a sustainable viable business nor a deep understanding of how this amazing industry really works…

So like so many other friends & marketers out there on Social Media; I had two choices…

Quit or Figure It Out

Well Dad and Mom didn’t raise “No Quitter” haha… Soo…

Again I focused on “being open” to learning & sought to understand Social Media & Attraction – Content Marketing. I was eager to learn & apply “How it would feel IF YOU DIDN’T have to chase your friends or hound your family, nor send endless copy paste messages in social media.”

By discovering these skills; taking daily action, being an elastic learner, tackling concepts without being super tecky; it quickly re-built my faith & belief of long term success in our profession. It impressed upon me how passionate I am about enlightening, encouraging & educating. I love helping women succeed in the online space, making new friends daily around the world on social media platforms that connect us.

Daily I have the blessing to pass on the wealth of knowledge, hope & empowerment. I have hit top ranks within my businesses, crossed stages, accepted awards, best selling collaborative author, been featured as “Woman of the Month” in business branding & educators groups because of my continuous contributions & even been interviewed by other top earner company teams.

Imagine the freedom & gift of working from home/ phone full-time around you and your families needs; with less stress & more bless in your life! I know I was super appreciative of the freedom & flexibility of an online business when I was full time caring for my Dad & Mom when Dad lost his vision. Truly loving the blessings that this “LapTop Life” has given me.

I’m currently with my “Beloved Beast Bob” (husband) as we live full time & travel in our motorcoach & explore western Canada & the USA with winter months in Mexico. I love working my online business from our travelling garden patio or sitting in the co-captain’s chair as the miles go by.

Continuous Education
Learning By Doing
Self Development
Helping Others

I deeply believe this business is not difficult if you are prepared to follow some guidelines and invest some time into following a very simple blueprint that can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Imagine the freedom and gift of working from home full-time around you and your families needs; with less stress and more bless in your life!