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We know all about creating VIP Lists, but have you been digging into using VIP List Chats? It’s time to get with the times online & I want to give you my best tips!



1. While I ADORE my notebooks & journals, when we’re making a VIP chat list in writing it might not be so practical. 

Journals can get misplaced, you can’t find the right one when you need it, &  notes can find themselves all over the place, even Trello lists can become unmanageable… it can get crazy in a hurry! We don’t want to disappoint your potential customers, we don’t want to “drop the ball”. I don’t want you to beat yourself up if you accidentally inadvertently do! This is the time that you can say no to the journals & the sticky notes! It’s going to save you time, you’ll never forget a friend & you’re not going to leave anybody out!


2. You’ve been “Doing the Do”, all those major income-earning activities which is circling back.

Checking out who was engaging in some of your most popular product launch posts, curiosity posts, where you are posting about a potential product release, or some amazing results from months back. You’ve been re-connecting, following up & building your VIP lists. You’ve been doing the right thing, reaching out to all your “fence sitters” that have been saying “next time & maybe”, old & new customers. Even some of your old team mates! They just might find something on your list that they would love to have!


3. If you’ve already chatted with your customers & they’re on your Journal, Trello or Notebook list it’s such a time saver for you!

You’ve got that mentality that you don’t want to leave any men or women behind! We want everyone “in the know”. When you’re using VIP chats, there is an excitement build up that begins to occur. 


4. When you’re in a VIP chat list immediately our energy is lifted, higher, brighter, bolder & contagious, & that really inspires women to ask questions.

Guaranteed, you’re going to have shy & quiet ladies, that are hesitant to ask questions, maybe because they’re scared they will sound stupid or ill informed… DON’T Fret, you don’t have to worry because in the chat there’s going to be a red bold personality in your VIP chat , that will pipe up about ‘What’s going on & they want the facts NOW!”

 They don’t want to wait, so it’s going to alleviate some of those shy people that might never ask questions, & therefore never know, never make a decision or be inspired to buy because they didn’t want to “ask questions”. 

Fact & Truth: Women have a fear of “Missing Out”.

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5. Fact & Truth: Women have a fear of “Missing Out”.

So when the countdown is on, those moments before your “Sales Special” or “Premium Product” is launched, it truly gets super exciting & that high joyful energy flows! So they will very likely do some shopping that they didn’t anticipate nor really plan for because now it sounds REALLY good,  it’s the last one on the shelf & they have to have it! Whether they need it or not! They want it now!  

It’s about positioning ourselves as a women of value, as a woman who can help them solve their problems pains, struggles & complaints! It’s all about providing the right content, creating curiosity & intrigue.  Then connecting with a heart centered conversation… We know there’s going to be ever more goodness, after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday & the “fence sitters” will still hunger for those last minute deals.


6. I know there are girls on my team that have 25, 50 & 100 people on their “paper” VIP List, & that can quickly become un-manageable or create overwhelm.

The best way we can all save time is to add them into a VIP Chat List within messenger. The “invite” to a group VIP Chat is important … “It’s where all the up to date details will be”. “I wouldn’t want you to miss this”. “All kinds of questions & insights will be there”.   “I is going to be a big party, you will love it”.  Hint Hint: Using verbiage according to her personality type!  We have to get super intentional in our biz, & no one gets left behind, everybody is in the know. 


7. Label your VIP Group “VIP 2020” because next year (in early October) you are going to go back into your last year’s chat & reconnect with them on their Facebook wall, messenger, warm them all up again & let them know you’ve been thinking about them!

If you’ve strayed apart , this is a great time to re-establish those relationships! It’s never too late to circle back in conversations & re-connect. We know sometimes we think we talked to our girlfriend last week and in reality it has been 6 weeks! Life gets crazy busy, but if you’ve built a foundation you’re going to be able to pick up a conversation like it was just last week! I do it all the time! 


8. When it comes to inviting people into your VIP list, & your VIP chat you can just upload a story with a question: “Would you love to be invited to a VIP so you don’t miss a thing?”.

Use the question or the poll on Facebook, BUT remember, currently if you are not fb friends, you cannot see the poll the names! You have to ask a question so you can get their username and answer “Yes! I want to be in your VIP list!” OR remind them to send you a personal message to get “in on the VIP Chat List”! 

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how to make the most out of your VIP Chat Lists! Dive deeper into Successful FB Challenges here 🙂  & Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

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