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I want to talk to you about my red lipstick addiction and how I transformed myself and moved forward from my wallflower years, my super shy years. This is not going to be much about marketing, this is just a lot about me! Something I think all women can discover within themselves. All women should be brave enough to embrace their truer deeper self that we have this ability to evolve and grow into. 


I want to share the funny story of how I started using red lipstick.


The husband of a friend of mine went shopping for us. He went to get a bottle of wine, and he finds this wine called “diabolica red”. It came with a tube of lipstick, which was really cool! So he gave the lipstick to my sister and she hated how it looked on her, so I cranked it open and loved it! I even contacted the winery and looked for it on amazon and google! It was the beginning of something new! There are significant shifts and changes within my life and it was just like this next evolution of ‘Roxanne’. We all get to evolve as women, we are not rocks or trees, we can change our passions and interests.


Catch some more details of my lipstick story in the following video:

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So why did I keep on wearing red lipstick? There were a couple of reasons:


One of the main reasons I started wearing it while I was riding my motorcycle is that I actually didn’t want to be known or viewed as the “skinny dude”! I just didn’t want to be mistaken as a guy! So that was part of the reason. Then I had to get another tube of lipstick because that first one was gone! 

I grew up my entire life with horses. Riding and outdoors and feeling this vibrant life started to make me come to life! So when I had to move to town and had to sell my horses I knew I was going to miss that, so that’s when I bought my very first bike.


The other reason is because I seemed to really show up differently within my relationships and my conversations.


I felt bolder, stronger, a little bit wiser. I had this confidence within all my networking and my business communications. I really did lose the wallflower of highschool. I know the introvert is within me all the time, I still feel shy and withdraw into myself until I feel comfortable. But ultimately the red lipstick made me feel like superwoman! I put it on and it feels like the finishing touches of something. You just feel better! 

My girlfriends asked me how could I wave at everybody when I’m riding my motorcycle. And I wave at the little girls and people on vehicles when I pass them on the highway because the biggest part of me wants girls to know they can become anything they want. So many times I was told I couldn’t do ‘this’ or that it wasn’t appropriate or I wasn’t capable. So all these things that we get stilled in us because we’re not “allowed” or “girls don’t do that”.

So when I wave at little girls and smile at them, I know I am proving possible to them, I want them to think that they can do it too if they ever want to! They can be the very first doctor or lawyer, or artist in their families! I want them to know that they can do ANYTHING. I love proving possible to them! Even if I’m just waving at them from my motorcycle. I might be the first woman they have seen on a bike, so I want to prove to them that anything is possible if you desire it and it is part of your dreams!


Sometimes bikers, just like network marketers, can have some bad reps.


There’s the good and bad of us in every aspect, and for me, when I’m getting on my motorcycle and I put on that second coat of lipstick sometimes people will look at me kind of fearful so I smile at them and I give that burst of warmth to another human being.

There’s more to life than what you have right now. I never thought that I would be having a network marketing company, that I would be a women’s cheerleader. I never thought I would be wearing red lipstick while riding my motorcycle all across western Canada! You just don’t know what your future will bring! 

Sometimes it can start with something as simple as a tube of red lipstick that helps you show up a little bit brighter and better. When we show up in a different light we pull to different people in our world. I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can break my own boundaries that I had in my mind! I can drive my own motorcycle and create my own beliefs and self-thinking! 


You just don’t know what comes around the corner when you open up your very first tube of red lipstick! 

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how something as simple as a tube of red lipstick can change your confidence and outlook on life! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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