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When was the last time you were added to a Face Book Group without conversation, without asking and permissions? I have some Super Grumpy Friends finding themselves in this situation and I know you can relate!! Relax and breath: I have good news and easy fixes, simple solutions !!

My girlfriend was Holy Cow frustrated of being added to yet ANOTHER FB Group while she slept!! Pulling out her hair the other morning, creating a mood that even good coffee cannot fix !!  Hours later she was still ranting about it and I know she is not the only one.  So I did some research and have some solutions and ideas to share with you:

  • You can as a business owner/marketer build your biz inadvertently; won’t make friends and family grumpy
  • You can share this forward to your team to help them do the same 🙂

Listen in to my Video here:

Here is a quick break down of positive advantages of Facebook Groups and Facebook Events and some of the pain points that can hurt your business and future relationships:

  • Points about Groups..
    – Easy to keep updated
    – Easy to add new folks to
    – Folks can interpret a invite as spam
    – No communication is often used before you find yourself in a group
  • Points about Events..
    – Quick one week event
    – Easy to promote and close
    – Easy to keep updated
    – Gives choices of a Yes, Maybe or No response
    – Better way to ensure those that are interested in `your offer` are involved
    – Communication is key during and after a event to retain interest after the event closes


What’s your number one tip...

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It is important for our future networking and business growth;  our friendships to blossom and grow  so it is super important to keep friends “Friendly” so:

  • Communicate and build relationship prior to adding or inviting, do your research prior to just mass adding folks.
  • Create a special group after a event to help keep folks connected and informed.

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

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