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What happens when you just don’t feel like you’re in the Zone? You just don’t feel like everything is going according to plan? I want to give you some solutions to what we call the Sunny Side of Life so you guys can find your Winning Zone! The Zone where everything clicks! Everything seems smooth sailing and pulled together in the most beautiful way… You’re just high-fiving everyone and the day is a blur! And you don’t even know HOW you got the day done but it was PERFECT! That is the Zone that I’m talking about!

We all have zones in our world, but when we’re in the winning zone the world is an amazing place! That’s where our greatest passion is really connecting with our purpose. You feel untouchable, like a superwoman! We all have a passion for doing what we love, then we have talents, which are the things that we’re good at, we all have that special 1% that makes us who we are, that makes us stand out, and we can express our uniqueness when we are in the zone!


If we can match passion, with talent and money it’s beautiful to pull all those things together to be able to make a difference for your purpose, for your larger plan!


I have a zone of “nope, that is never going to happen”. Some of those nopes that are not going to happen are for example fixing my car. I’m not mechanically inclined, I don’t even know the names of the tools! So this is my “nope zone”. Within my business my Nope Zone of incompetence would be video editing.

The other zone we have is the “I’ve got this”. That is our zone of competence, of getting by, where we’re average at something but some people do it better than us, and I’m totally ok with cheering for other women. If you’re better than me at something I’m going to cheer and celebrate the heck out of you! I love watching my team members do better than me! We all have things that we’re good at and some things that we’re not.


If time is our most precious commodity, would it not make sense to do a couple notes for finding your Winning Zone?


The zone of genius, when time just magically disappears, whether it’s a task or project or conversation… everything just turns sunshine and rainbows. So that zone between your Competence and the Woohoo Zone is the “Yes Zone”. That’s where I get praise for something, and we have an ego within this. Think about this, how many times does your ego say “yes!”, we all want praise and congratulations but it doesn’t mean it’s the Woohoo Zone. Your good at it, and you’re better than the average person but it’s still not that perfect trifecta of passion, talent and knowing that the money is going to come through so we can use it to make a positive impact. Finding that perfect match is what we have to strive for to be building our business. Knowing that time is our most precious commodity, that’s where we have to be spending it!

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How can we identify this?


Start making good, bad and ugly lists.

Take the time to identify what you have that works in your life, and what doesn’t. It’s ok to make that list, it’s ok to say, “this is what I love to do, and this is what feels like banging my head on the keyboard and it’s a waste of my time” (like for me doing video editing). Find out what you love and what you’re okay letting someone else do.

Strive for clarity. Find out where you can implement those zones of geniuses within the area where you’re passionate. It takes a lot of confidence, and it takes some believing in yourselves, but make sure that when you’re really striving for that zone of excellence, you leave your ego at the door. Ask yourself when do you feel most alive and energized? Disregarding how much praise you get for that certain task.


When we think about our Winning Zone what are we thinking about?


How are we feeling when we’re doing those things? What really turns your crank?! Sometimes it’s ok to say it’s not a skill. Sometimes it’s a characteristic, like my enthusiasm, I don’t know if you could call that a skill, but it’s definitely a quality or value that I have within myself! So it doesn’t necessarily have to be business-related. You might just have a piece of that pie, but you have to collaborate and network and blend with other people to make this really happen. That’s why I’m a team worker and a cheerleader! I know I can’t do it alone, and I know other women need help, so together we are MORE.

When are you feeling at your finest? When are you really feeling that you’re showing up a little bit differently? For me, I also ask myself “When I join a social group within social media, what do I bring to the group, that wasn’t there before?” That’s a good sign of where your genius is at, that’s where your excellence lies.

For me I love being able to put video and sometimes words to women’s feelings and making that deeper emotional connection with them. That deeper energy connection. We’re touchy feely creatures, and that’s how people get to know you and like you, to relate and trust you. Therefore they might feel comfortable asking about your beloved business or what you have going on in your world. When you’re showing up with excellence and in your Zone of Genius you just pull people to you because time stands still, the rainbows just fall from the sky! It feels that way! I feel amazing and I don’t know where the last 3 hours went and I’m serving my purpose and my passion, and I might have even put a little bit in the bank account! That’s what we’re looking for! Show up with your own unique special sauce!


Catch some deeper insights in the following video:


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Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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