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Discover some Fast and Easy Content Sources! One of the Primary Steps in Building Your Authority is “Serving Your Audience Amazing Content & Ideas”.

Understanding first that consistency is key.. that if we are not serving our so carefully built audience DAILY; they will go elsewhere to be “Fed, Nurtured¬†and Fulfilled” ..

Second to that is Great content; meaningful ideas, thoughts, teachings via through some medium, as speech, writing, video, image etc. Give them great stuff so they keep coming back for more! Keeping their brain turning and heart humming ūüôā

I am not Queen Antoinette who hopes to please the masses by having them eat cake, I want to serve my Queendom by offering them great content and information so at days end they are fulfilled, satisfied, uplifted and joyful!! ¬†So then the¬†question becomes “Roxanne; where do you get your Content”? Let me share.. <3

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These are my Fav Fast and Easy Content Sources :

BOOKS & MAGAZINES: .. Those magazine that you see at the tills at your grocery store, or local market. They pay huge $$ for the front copy and article titles to catch our attention and are a variety to suit any niche/business.

EVENTS: .. So much amazing information to be taken in and re-shared. Can be local or far away, soak it up, share it out!

WEBINARS: .. Somewhere in the world, there is a webinar going on for us ladies in home based businesses/network marketing. No excuses with how so many of them are replayed. I personally can count 4 a week that are at my fingertips daytime and nighttime for all time zones!

PODCASTS: .. I have two podcasts that I listen in on daily. One is our daily motivational and mindset presented by gents and ladies that are 5, 6, 7 figure earners; so much goodness (this is an open to the public call) and Ray Higdon’s. I can do laundry, wash my tub, scrub my floor and get educated and inspired!!

TRAININGS: .. When you take in a chat from your mentor or coach reflect; did you learn something, if so, share it forward! If you learn, teach it out in the form of content!!


What’s your number one tip...

when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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I’ll send you my favorite two productivity hacks that are working for me right now.

PAST NOTES: .. This one is a DO for everyone!! It has been said that notes we have taken are “Uncashed Check’s”. If we have taken notes, not utilized them ourselves, not sharing out the information taken and shared out to our team mates, clients, potential clients and team mates. We may have well stayed home and mowed the lawn or did the dishes. Your old note books are Gems in the Rough!! Cash in and get all that goodness out there!!

COMPANY TRAININGS: .. Last but not least; If you have not gone through with a fine tooth comb all your company trainings and recommended books/trainings you won’t likely do any of the above ones mentioned. This has super value and is your baseline and core knowledge to build on top of. Having a strong foundation is key to a stronger future!

I was told years ago, if your feeling uninspired, then put something good in your head and go help another!

Remember … The world has way more Hungry People for information than we have Teachers.. So I encourage you to Grow Yourself so you can help others grow. The more you learn, the more you can help solve problems. The more you solve problems, the more folks will come to you. Tah Dah, wave your scepter in the air!! Celebrate!! You have just put yourself into a position of Leadership and Authority!! ¬†Make yourself indispensable and you will always be sought after!!

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward. ¬†If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

P.S. People often ask me; Roxanne I can see you LOVE being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives; BUT what is it you really do? To answer that, I use social media platforms to market trendy highly consumable products that YOU shop for every week!¬† Most women don’t go far without their phones & do A LOT of online shopping so I help empower, support & teach women who “want a bit more in life” do the same. More Sisterhood. More Tribe. More Fun. More income within Social Retail ..

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