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I’ve been really loving the process of creating content that converts to increased conversations, connections that ultimately converts to more sales, curiosity and sign-ups so ladies can have a bigger, better, less stressful business! We are business owners, entrepreneurs direct sellers, network marketers, could be full time, could be part time. In all of this, we need to strive towards “connecting” with our audience to serve! 

When we are building our businesses with purpose and intent, some magical things can happen. We have to be thoughtful. We have to be purposeful. We have to work with focus and very specific activities, knowing what we’re doing, and WHY we’re doing it. That way we can ultimately have the desired outcome we seek!


Catch some of my deeper insights in this video:




I’m all about loving and embracing all, so EVEN if you don’t want a big business, these little tips I’m going to share are still doable and applicable. You’re going to have less stress, frustration & frazzled feelings! Ultimately, when we are putting our content (posts) out on Facebook or any other social media platform, we’re looking to do it for a purpose or a reason. To create connection points (ahh-haa moments) to get a response from your friends, from your followers. You want them to FEEL something, to THINK something. We have SO much more power than we think we do!


There are different ways that you can post and share your content to create connection points.


We have facebook stories, polls, questions, groups… How we are sharing our content comes down to 3 main things: Live Video, Written Content (copy), and Images. We can mix and match those and when we’re creating the connection points, the sublayer of those 3 main ways is your energy, your enthusiasm, your emotions and how you’re going to connect. We can do that via being the hot mess mommy, or the bohemian grandma. We can be in a rant or create a bit of drama, curiosity or intrigue. We can also be empowering or adding insights, stories and enlightening people, or educating.

Those different things are made up of our energies and emotions, different contexts of how we want to share it. And when we start putting these things together in our minds, of how we can mix and match there are a thousand different ways that you can show up and create connection points!

It’s the connecting part that can make the little broken bits of me, fit the little broken bits of you when we share our stories. The broken bits can create an amazing conversation! Ultimately it’s only the conversations that create the conversions of people wanting more information about your product, service or opportunity! 


Then, start to think about your audience.


If your main audience are grandmas, when would a grandma want to watch a live video? When would a young mommy have time to watch a video? Probably not early in the morning when she’s trying to get the kids to the school bus! Live videos for mommies might be in the evening when the kids are in bed, so that’s when you might strategize to do your live videos. The written content might be during the daytime posts, or mixing and matching the imagery in the morning, for something empowering, or you’re going to ask a question, a teaching moment, or get the momma bear rant going on a little bit to create some conversation, cause they can read it but they can’t listen & watch the audio / video. 


We can also dig into learning styles.


Some of us learn via listening. Some people are readers and they want to be able to scroll. Some people are visual and they want to see an image. We can mix and match all of these types of content to create the energies and emotions so they can have those “Aha!” moments of insights. So they can feel what you’re talking about. You become more relatable and you can strengthen the bonds of friendship and relationships by just sharing more of YOU and being more vulnerable online.

There’s nothing weak about sharing what has happened to you in the past (past network marketing experiences or anything else in life for that matter) what worked, what didn’t, use your past pain, problems, trials, and tribulations as lessons learned, wisdoms and connectin points now. It’s ok to share your story, and to confess to falling down because that’s relatable and understandable!


We’re all different personalities, we’re not all blue, yellow, or red, or green. WE are blends!


I have a little bit of red personality when I let the momma bear rant. But it’s not a big part of my personality. Most of me is a lot of yellow, a lot of blue, a smidge of red and I don’t have much of green personality in me! I know green personalities love to read, love information and research. I’ve learned how to present my content in different styles so that I can connect with different personalities and learning styles, and different schedules. Playing and pulling on different people’s emotions so they can get me, and if they don’t then it’s ok! I don’t expect everyone to be my friend! 

Before you seek to sell, seek to serve. Seek to understand people’s pains and troubles so you can connect to them and serve them! That’s when the conversations come in! That’s when women will feel less stressed on their part to reach out and have some more conversations. When you’re just trying to make more friendships and deepen relationships you have to show up a little bit bolder and a bit brighter! When we do that we can show more value!

Share some deeper stories and experiences. And when you’re sharing, have something in the first sentence of your copy, video or image that is going to connect. Have that person stop scrolling so they’re going to read more about what is going on within your world.


Be different! Now more than ever, differentiate yourself from the norm out there by sharing more of YOU! 


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it as the struggle is real when it comes to connecting with your audience and creating some meaningful content! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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