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To Rule our Queendom effectively and efficiently it is important to consider these 3 tips and 2 points to support you to your goals!!

We are amazing “Multi Taskers”; But even the best of us need some “helpers”.  To help YOU rule your business with a bow and a smile, increasing your earnings; Dwell and think on these TWO Points and THREE Tips.  Take on this mind twist;

What are You the very best at; the greatest at and pair it with –> What are your greatest income producing activities.

Focus on those two thoughts above and write them down!! Make your list and  focus on those!! We so often tend to overthink over complicate.. But; Simply  –> Do Less, Prioritize More; To Earn more!!

Watch this Video:

Three Tips on Support; Remembering there are 3 kinds of Support, here you go…

  1. Strategic Support  –> Ideas, Plans, Strategies.. get some insight keeping your accountable, mentors, coaches, that kind of support.

2. Emotional Support  –> Fill your Well.. Find a supportive family or friend really keen on your venture, by being “full and satisfied” keeps us focus and strength when we need it most.

3. Details Support –> Hire out cleaning, mowing lawn, let kids go to a friends for a sleep over, delegate minor chores, minor details, outsource, use the right apps, consider a virtual assistant.


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Think about deeply Big HINT here.. Focus on stuff that drains your Energy and Time, and Outsource it. Allowing full focus and giving yourself more time for your income producing activities. So you are getting and receiving the biggest bang for your buck!! (time)

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

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