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I thought this relevant with our changing season from sweet indulgent slow eddy moving stream summer to all the wonders Fall brings upon us. When seasons shift, so does the chance of change increase within us.  When we shift one ball (or idea) on “the table”, everything shifts, so we can expect the unexpected right? Lets shift the season, and dig into discovering and transforming the Alpha within You!

Is that not really what us as business ladies and gents want? Is that not what us entrepreneurial minded folks desire? Exciting, Empowering, Positive, Progressive change?

I believe in my heart, soul and mind: Anyone can learn the skills, anyone at anytime can decide to take a stand, and become the leader of their life.  To choose to Unlock the Alpha within!!  Anyone can take a stand and decide: I do not want my husband working so much overtime, my kids want to go into gymnastics or hockey, I need to reno my bathroom, re do my drive way, I want to figure out this “marketing” thing, I need to add to my retirement income, or the main one ~~ I don’t want to work out of the home, I want to be here for my kids, my family. I want to rule my time!!

Watch my Video:

Think deeply about this;
Even in the cute bunch of wild bunnies in the clover patch, there is a Alpha …
Even in the herd of adorable fuzzy lama’s grazing in the field, there is a Alpha …
Even in the mass of lemmings running across the tundra, there is a Alpha…
Just because it is not Yet.. does not mean it cannot Be…

You can at any moment decide to pick up a map and make choices in the direction your life is going.. You can as I did; learn leadership skills one day at a time. You will grow into your unique leader unto only your unique personality. There is only One you in our world, so celebrate that!
It is an amazing feeling to wake up, knowing You are in Charge of your Day and your Life..

Need help? Need a plan? Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Be confident in yourself. You have a story, ideas and a voice to be heard, and its worthy of being shared.  Finding a way to confidently express yourself builds upon your self worth and is key to having others give you their ear and time.
  2. Take a big breath some day’s and fake it. I know it may sound silly, but puff up a bit,  put on your favorite outfit and make up,  lift your chin; put on your bravado to help convince yourself (and others) your capable and confident.
  3. Make a “I am worthy list” .. of all the things you know your Great at, where you know you Shine; for example, a super listener, very creative and imaginative…
  4. Set Fresh Goals think about, create and make a list of 3 new Goals per week. Strategize and make them doable, but one of them a Stretch and Grow goal. (one of them should certainly be, meeting new people every week, growing your circle and network)


Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women – those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
Text “love” to 236-700-0686 or send me a
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5. Be attentive to your own inner voice of self criticism; do not beat yourself up, instead plan and think about “Next time” I will do this or say that and let it go. Also, unless you had a direct hand in a situation that was your fault or you were to blame, stop saying Sorry to everyone about everything..  (I know as a Canadian and a woman, I seem to be saying sorry for almost everything, including the rain or snow that I have no control over hahah)

6. When dealing with stressful situations, a crunch deadline at work, or a unexpected obligation at home, or surprize project that lands on you, do your best to keep negativity and pessimism at bay. Be the resourceful imaginative one to “make it work and get it done”. Positioning yourself as a Go To person Leader instead of being seen as unraveling at the seams goes a long way in the work place, with your team and clients. Be the person they can count on to be the Rock 🙂

7.Ask upwards, Complain upwards.  When your having a moment when Google cannot answer your questions or your having a bad moment and frustrating time,  ask your up line, mentor or coach. Keep off of social media, stay out of the coffee room.  Find that one trusted person you know and pour your guts, tears and heart out to so you can feel better.

Just remember its not about loosing you, its about growing you .. Discovering and transforming our Alpha within is about allowing and enabling the Stronger side to be shared with the world.  It is in within all of us, and is worthy of being shared 🙂

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

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