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The Dreamer in us expresses a Dream.. How Glorious !! The Beauty!!
Don’t let the word how stop you, Proceed with caution if you immediately think about the word “How”; expecting that word to take you to your path to your Dream and Goal quickly!

Let me explain.. “How” slows the mind; slows the process;  slows and kills the passion and excitement.. (Calm your mind because I know you are now asking “Well How Then.. bla bla bla; Don’t worry, I will get to it 🙂 )

Take these two example:

Dreamer says “I want to be a photographer! ” Your brain kicks in and replies “Ya??? Really, with a IPhone and your barely paying your bills”.

Dreamer says “I want to be a writer!” Your brain kicks in and says, “Girl.. You didn’t pass grade 10 English? You still get your You’re, Your’s all mixed up”.

The “How” word closes doors, shuts down the shades and puts Ms Dreamer back in her place. In the dark. In the box. Not happening. Impossible. Here is some duct tape. Close it.

Take on this Twist. Start With These Two Words:

What and then Why … (Take a breath, read)

Focus and think deeply.. What do you want. What do you Really Want.. Let your mind really wander around up there, exploring nooks and crannies you have not visited awhile up in there.. Take a few deep breaths and let those feelings of excitement, hope, pleasure, joy, rewards wash over you, let those feelings and ideas run through your veins, let your eyes light up like its Christmas and your 4 years old..
Think and Feel what you Really Want!!


When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

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I know you have been likely told this before, but Write your “WHAT” down, all of them, every little What that came forth and bubble up within.. Really, get up, get a pen, do it.  You likely miss read that, or didn’t think I was talking about “you” … Nope; get up, get a pen, write it down 🙂 .. Now not later ..

Then, pause and reflect, and dig into Why you Want what you Want…
The “WHY” word can create a big emotional response if you really let yourself think and dwell on it (or mediate). It is really important to solidify the WHY in our brains and connect with it.. Because truly without a strong Why connection our path gets a little haywire, we get distracted, we get lost and we loose our energy and focus, especially when the going gets tough, and yes, the road will have pockets of hard tuff days! So get real with your Why!!

When we have wrapped up What and Why with a pretty red bow, we can then make the decision to Commit.

Remember commitments are promises; they bind us emotionally and intellectually to a course of action. Knowing when we make that commitment (promise/pledge) we are declaring our intention and its courage that drives us forward to fulfill that promise to ourselves. We are Planting our Flag, drawing our Line in the Sand!

A personal insert here … Don’t quit on you… I know maybe in your life, people have let you down, friends, family, bosses have let you down, but don’t quit on you!! You are worthy!! Ok, back to commitment sorry to interrupt!

It is when we are committed to making it happen that then the How will begin to reveal itself.. That knowing sometimes we do the life Cha Cha Cha of two steps forward; one step back. It is the step forward that is courage, being committed to somehow follow through.. it is only by working forward, working through the two steps back and one step forward the “How” will continually be visible, be found, be discovered in the cracks of progress we make because we did not quit, we stayed the course!

My Dad used to say.. Life will always challenge us, will always put up a fight to see how badly we really want something in our lives; just keep trying and life will eventually give up fighting and you will win!

By Courage, by Commitment, by the Why, by the What, the How shows up in our lives ; Daily

I hope you found value today, please feel free to drop a comment / share my blog post forward.  If YOU are banging your head, if you’re not getting the results you seek, it’s because something just isn’t clicking. **Or perhaps, if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your current situation, Let’s CHAT; DON’T lose the Dream!

Cheers, Roxanne

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