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Hey there, after browsing some of my fellow marketers Facebook pages, I felt compelled to share some insights to some basics on Facebook Friends & Marketing; are you satisfying their needs?

Remember: Facebook was built/created for Relationships.

Good and profitable businesses are built on deep and meaningful relationships. Ones built with the mindset to help another, to seek and discover struggles. Ones that go deeper than just a “Hello” on a street corner, deep enough for rapport to be built, deepening the “Know, Like and Trust” factors. Ones build with consistency, creating positive thoughts and ideas daily.

3 General Types of your Facebook Friends:

1. Hot Market – close family and friends, those in your immediate circle.
2. Warm Market – co-workers, associates, hairdresser, sports, school activities and the like.
3. Cool Market – New Friends and Contacts . New Blood so to speak .

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Ensure “Content” on your page satisfies the needs/wants of all 3 types ..

Curiosity posts, Get to Know me Posts, Lifestyle Posts, Informative Posts, Tips, Tricks, Education and Teaching Posts, Video’s, Live Video’s and Blog Posts.

Offering value, meaningful content and always being solution minded to match our friends wants, problems and struggles. Evert day I see struggles and pains expressed on my friends news feeds, so I focus on satisfying those needs!

And always .. just be the best, most kind, most generous good hearted ‘You’ that YOU can be .. Be a friend!


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Cheers, Roxanne

P.S. People often ask me; Roxanne I can see you LOVE being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives; BUT what is it you really do? To answer that, I use social media platforms to market trendy highly consumable products that YOU shop for every week!  Most women don’t go far without their phones & do A LOT of online shopping so I help empower, support & teach women who “want a bit more in life” do the same. More Sisterhood. More Tribe. More Fun. More income within Social Retail ..

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