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Fear. It is within us. It is around us. Did you know that studies show Fear is 5% real, 95% imagined? So knowing that, lets chat about the dangers of inadvertently feeding your fears; and of course some points on moving through fear to the sunny side of life!!

Almost everyday we may feel fear, its a common instinct, virtually  inescapable . It is a powerful emotion excited by danger and usually accompanied by a desire to avoid or escape it. We are afraid of dying, public speaking, getting lost, we are afraid of not attaining what we want and we are afraid of losing what we have.

The happiest person in the world is one who is fearless. A fearless person is said to have no conflicts and is balanced in thoughts and emotions; But how can we get there?

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Knowing  daily that we struggle and deal with two fears; One being real fear –  One being imagined.

One fear our normal fear, it is actually a good thing, it prepares for safe progress of an idea and action. It helps preserve life by making us pause and think before actions. For example – That bridge is pretty rickety, ropes are frayed; maybe I should walk to the next one!!

Imagined fear (even though imagined) can create real responses within us, and affect our actions/reactions to life in all ways we live it. – causes disease, sucks energy, crumbles confidence and the ability to live freely. For example – If I do this video; my heart is going to burst and I will die!!

So how can you put Fear on Pause? How can you not Feed Fear? Sharing points to think upon:

~ By the true power within, our mind, our mindset, and the words we use when speaking to ourselves.

~ Willpower and positive attitude is the Key to Winning the Battle and Not Feeding your Fears.

~ Positive always overcomes negative.

~ Negative thoughts are the root cause of our fears.

~ By cultivating courage, fortitude and firmness in meeting danger, we can acknowledge and overcome fear.

And by doing that, we all can win and come to terms with every fear of our day 🙂

Understanding that daily  life is all about solution finding of our present fear or problem .. once we get past and through that one happy times, and wee celebrations await. Life is a journey, so we should expect fears daily, knowing that, we should be practicing a positive “Yes I Can” mindset, solution minded of “I Can” daily !!

The power is within you and your daily habit’s .  You can Do this!!


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