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Doubting Yourself and Your Abilities

Struggling with self doubt? I have a Mind Hack Tip for You!

It’s normal, it’s natural, shared here is a tip to displace your fear, self doubt!!

Use the positive feed back, and comments from those you help.

Embracing their feedback is proof “You Can”, banishing the “You Can’t” doubting mindset!!

Lets chat a bit more about this ..

Success in your home business will come down to one thing — your ability to help others solve problems.

Sure, marketing is important and skills are important, but if you want to become a top earner, you’ll need to help others accomplish THEIR dreams.

It is sad but true, at one time or place, lots of marketers I know doubt their ability to do so.



Lets note a few facts;

  1. Almost everybody at one time in their lives, whether is a new skill being learned, a new hobby, or sport we have self doubt. Even when we begin to really well, it is done with ease, finesse, skill and talent; sometimes the doubt remains in our minds.
  2. Know this; No one can convince you that your going to be good enough, strong enough, talented enough when your struggling with self doubt.
  3. It is up to YOU to prove it to yourself, with faith and action. You with faith and action can remedy point 1 & 2.

Mind Hack Tip:

The strategy, the trick to help yourself move past self doubt and fear is ACTION!! Get yourself into real chat groups where conversations are going on, where folks are asking questions; and offer your ideas and solutions. Do “live” helpful videos, YouTube, Periscope. Get out there, get engaged in your niche, interact, be social, go for coffee dates!

Every chance you get answer questions, give solutions, present ideas, offer value. If need be do some research and get back to the person as soon as you can with an answer.  Change someone’s day for the better!!

AT THIS TIME .. Take note of any and all positive feedback!! Take a screen shot of it, a picture and save it in a folder. You are creating and building your Personal Helping Others Testimonials!!  In doing this, you begin to “reprogram” your brain, you read it, see it, absorb it 🙂  any time your having a tuff moment, go read them!! You have proof right there that you Can, and you Did help others; banishing any self doubt and fear!

Continuous helping and inspiring others builds your self belief.. it not only rubs off on them, some sticks to you!!



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Cheers, Roxanne

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