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It’s a very busy time of year full of seasonal festivities; family, friends and social engagements galore!! Time is a precious commodity indeed!

Time has always been our most treasured and valued resource for those of us with a “Part Time” business; but at this time of year, even more so.

And that is the reason of my post and video today; To celebrate, congratulate and cheer you on!! These 3 tips help me every day to continue to build a thriving and growing business.

I understand how hard it is, the difficulty of juggling so many commitments and obligations, and still desire to “work and do your business”. With work, family, the pets, school activities, and so much more; your tired, your stretched, but you are driven to find those pockets of time building towards your future, for yourself, and your loved ones.

I get all that; and that is exactly why I have to share with you my favorite 3 quick tips when it comes to time. Cornering, chasing, time; because as we know without a little thought, it just runs away!!


1. Get better at saying “No”. If “no” does not come easily to you because your like me, more of a Yes person, try these ones; “I’ll get back to you later today”, “Let me check my calendar”, “I need to chat with my spouse”. Perhaps a soft “NO” is a place to start. I am a people pleaser type person, and it took me awhile to learn to say No; but I had to, or I would never have any time for “me stuff” nor “business tasks”.

2. Get a calendar. Put one on your fridge, on the wall, on your computer station or work desk. Incorporate it with your day planner, journal or even “life by sticky notes”; whatever it takes. Write down your work time, your spouses work time, your children sports or youth activities, your pets veterinary visit , beauty apt’s, social activities, household chores/duties, etc., AND write in, block in your business / marketing times. If you are not planning and scheduling, your setting yourself up for time loss. If you have little ones, use a small sticky star, put it on the clock, and tell them, Mommy (or Daddy) is busy until the big hand hits the star, then come get me and lets play, but not till then, OK?

3. Plan. Never sit down at your computer without a plan. Before you know it, two cups of coffee are gone in your morning and that’s about all that was achieved.. Plan and write down, your focused, intended income producing activities. Throughout your day those ‘to do’ things will come at you, write them down, and prioritize them before you sit at your desk. Maybe for you, that would include a blog post, follow up with a new lead, contact or client, relationship building with a current clients, building your list, calling a prospect, video creation. Even self development courses, online training, reading a book. Building on yourself, so you can become a better you, a better leader.

Start with those basic 3 steps and you will see some amazing things happen in your day, your business and your life!

Remember time is the most precious and valued commodity we have, and we all have the same 24 hours to work with, time is equal to all of us..

Its about making the most of the time we have. Make it count!!


What’s your number one tip...

when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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Cheers, Roxanne

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