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I woke up the other morning thinking of Wagon trails and Ruts, don’t ask me how, but then my mind went to Hamsters and Cages.. Let me try to put this together for you ..

Dad used to say that (in general for a larger part of our work force) That most of us really do not Like their Job, if they had enough money and could just come hang out, and volunteer, they likely would not show up on Monday ..

He called that the Rut of life.. and that the majority of us would like a different path.. but the rut is easy, the rut is predictable, the rut can be executed with a blind fold.. But it can also be the death of dreams, the stagnation of adventure, and the silent screams of your heart and soul fall upon deaf ears..

Just inches off of the rut, just a few degrees off of the beaten trail, the worn out track, life can be a bit on the wild side, fresh, awakening and satisfying.. Yes you will still get to your destination, it may take longer, it may take a few more pit stops, but it will be full filling ways that become stories to share for generations..

Your journey is worthy, your life truly awaits you Out of the Rut ..

And, The Rut pulled my thoughts to a spinning wheel, Say a Hamsters Wheel..

Are you a Happy Hamster?

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