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How does my motorcycle passion, how does anyone’s passion and hobby, really relate to our businesses?! I actually have some really fun analogies! 

Whatever your passion or your love is you’re going to be able to relate to this and have some fun!

The Leader Sets The Pace

The very first thing is understanding that when it comes to motorcycle riding and building our businesses, the pace of the leader sets the pace of the pack. I was thinking about this because even though I’m riding my own motorcycle, my husband’s up front and our friend Frenchie is in the back behind me… The leader of the pack sets the pace for everything that’s going on! Even if everyone is riding their own bike.

When it comes to our businesses is it not also true that the pace of the leader sets the pace of the pack? There are things that we can do to keep ourselves happily riding safely along the road. One of my favorite things that I love to do is actually come up to Bob, touch base with him and then I’ll also fall back and check in on Frenchie, so I’m thinking that’s how we can be building our businesses! Come up and touch base with our leader, and then fall back and touch base with your tea! That was the first fun analogy as I’m going down the road. 

Something You Have To Do Anyway

Because I need new tires on my bike I was thinking, how can bike repairs relate to our businesses? Whatever passion or hobby you have this is very relatable! The bike repair is something you have to do anyway. We love our house, so we have to get a new fridge… Maybe you need some new shoes on your horses, I happen to need a new tire on my bike. That counts as investing in ourselves! Investing in our motorcycles, taking care of ourselves, we’re investing in our businesses. This is investing in your future, taking care of yourself. It can come to courses, classes, events, buying a book… Repairs to keep your passion alive and thriving!

I’m not riding the bike that I started my adventures on. Over the years I started stealing rides from my brother or other people, so the bike that I ride now is not the one that I started with. And it’s ok to change. We’re thinking about this within our businesses, it’s ok to change our business too. Our passions and wants and needs can shift and change. It’s ok to make a shift within your business that is going to suit you. It’s ok to change your business as your needs change!

Different strokes for different folks. Did you know how many dozen different motorcycles there are out there on the road? There’s different business models out there for all of us too! I happen to be in one that I can work 100% on my phone. I had a new customer today on the road via social retail! I didn’t want to be out of the home in the evenings, so for me social retail following a very simple 1, 2, 3 system is very flexible.

When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

You can’t help but talk about it - and let me tell you, I adore the tribe & marketing plan in the company I’m running with (High trending products help too!).

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Do Something That Scares You

I’ve rode in Colorado and it was on the top of a ridge which was a mountain top! Do things that scare you a little bit because the growth comes from challenges. Doing something with a little bit more purpose and intent taking that time to analyze it, but when something scares you a little you know you’re going to grow from it and feel awesome! You’re going to be so excited cause YOU DID IT! You survived! Maybe it is trying a new product, or doing a live video, reaching out and asking me what is social retail… do something scary and ask those questions! 

Each bike is its own individual piece of art. If you ask a motorcyclist it’s our baby. There is something unique like a chrome or a paint job on your bike or your gear. Create something unique that’s part of your branding! If we think about this from the business aspect think of what makes you different. Where you are allowed to differentiate yourself from the norm, that allows you to stand out and shine! You want to use your natural tendencies and nuances to do something unique within yourself.  Find the way that you can be different from the masses so you can be seen as that light! 


Prepare for Success

We know that within motorcycle trips, I have a six gallon tank, and my bike takes so much more fuel that the rest. I’ve to prepare for success, I have to know how far I can go in my day before I need more fuel, both for myself and my bike. Be prepared and have the right maps, plan ahead where you’re going to spend the night, where the next gas station is going to be… Ask yourself within your business: What are you doing to prepare for success? Are you attending the webinars? Are you popping in on team calls, did you read one of the books that was recommended from your leadership books? Because eventually you have to throw your leg over the motorcycle, and do IT, launch it, and GO, ride happily into your future! 

Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women - those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
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Have A Vision For The Future

When I’m working my business and riding my bike I know that we are encouraged to live in the present. But I have a vision for my future. When I’m riding my motorcycle I’m riding several feet ahead of me because I’m looking for the road kill on the road, for something that might jump out at me, maybe another motorist is talking on the phone and they’re distracted. I’m thinking about what’s ahead of me ALL THE TIME. Because in my present I’m riding my bike by instinct and heart. However I’m running my business and riding myself into my future looking what’s ahead of me a few hundred feet down the road, because that’s what’s going to impact me and my ride. And the same thing within my business, we have to be planning for our future, we have to be living our business in a futuristic state because we know everything that we’re doing today is going to bring us swifter to our tomorrows.

If you’re doing the same old same old and not getting the results that you want… is this vision of your activities giving you what you want? Are you headed in the direction that you want for what you want your business to do? Do you want just a hundred dollars, do you want to be home in your weekends, what kind of business do you have and is it fitting for your future?

These were some analogies I was thinking about on the road. I look forward to seeing you guys on the sunny side of life! Let me know which analogy you liked best!

What’s Next?

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