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Have you ever fasted?

In the spring of 2021 I started learning everyday about fasting… I’m excited to talk about this! I believe that there are some things that we can have control of in our lives and one of them is what we put in our mouths.

I have to ask you, have you ever fasted? Maybe a 24 hour fast, 48 hours? Because I wanted to do a bit of a reset, I had been doing some research on fasting. I really wanted to jump start what was going on within my spring. Wanting to do some things for my body and shake it up, fasting intrigued me. I do food restrictions on and off all the time, sometimes I will definitely have no wine for a month, or no alcohol at all. Sometimes I cut out carbs and processed foods, stuff like that.

But we all know that after the winter, spring is here and it’s time to be fresh and excited! I want to share some funny stories that have happened to me in the past and why I wanna do this now. I’m curious, have you guys ever done anything like this? You have this decision to fast or not to fast… Should I make a change within my foods, or what I’m putting into my body, or should I not? And we always go through those pain or pleasure feelings!

My Wellness Journey

It’s been a long time since I talked about my own wellness journey. You guys know I did my body really well last summer and I lost close to 20 pounds! I did a 3 month pledge to my body and inserted some products into that, as well as some lifestyle changes. This is a lifestyle choice, but then Christmas comes and Thanksgiving happens… and it was just getting a little bit hard for me to maintain so I just wanted to do a reset! I’m really stoked about this! Because different countries and cultures do fasts all the time. People give up stuff for lent or different religions and customs. I was digging into this and within my social retail, my company has a little cleansing fasting kit.

Who Doesn’t Love Carbs?

You walk by a table with donuts, and it just attacks you!… I don’t know how a donut got into my hand, or two into my mouth… How did that happen?! What happened to my will power, to my self control? All of a sudden our body goes through these habits. Even though our mind is saying one thing, our mouth is saying another and our hand is helping out!

I’ve done stoppages on food groups or food choices for extended periods of time but I want more energy and more power! I wanna have that reset, I wanna feel empowered, I wanna feel in control, and I wanna be able to give my body the reset that it needs coming into spring. Feeling powerful and in control is something I love. I love feeling strong, and me making the right choices about what I do to my body is SO powerful. It’s not that I’m saying “I can’t eat that or I won’t” cause you feel like you are being deprived.

It’s Not Forever

When you say “I’m just not eating those right now” it’s not forever, it’s just right now. It releases all those anxieties and stresses and you’re not fretting and you don’t have to make any excuses to your friends and family. Just say “I’m not eating that today” or “I’m full,” “I ate that yesterday.” Because I know that when I am having that inner strength of feeling controlled and empowered and strong I have more confidence. We know what happens when women get more confidence… we get brave! And great things start to happen!

For the most part I try to avoid carbs because I puff up. If I have pizza or anything processed, or certain breads I get out of bed in the morning and I look like I’m four or five months pregnant! I get bags under my eyes and I know this is my body telling me that’s not good for me… but my mouth takes control!

When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

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Shrink Fat Cells

So what products am I taking? Within my company I have a product called Activate that naturally eliminates toxins, rejuvenates cellular health and ignites digestive energy and I take one a day near bedtime. You guys know that I also absolutely love my Lemony Goodness, which is a clinical strength CLA. Not only does it shrink my fat cells, it actually inhibits the ability to make MORE of them. It improves my muscle tone and it has that extra collagen component on top of my liquid collagen that I already take. So it helps to tighten and tone out my arms and my belly!

Once I’m done with my sixty hours of fasting I can start adding in my metabolism component. Which helps burn more calories and boosts my metabolism and increases my energy. It has a smidgen of caffeine in it. So if you can drink coffee or black and green tea, then you can drink this too! I need to refocus, reset my body. Because it has been a very lethargic winter here in Canada!

If you’ve been thinking about doing a reset, I have some tips for you!

Declare What You Want

You have to look at the aspects and balance of how this is going to fit into your life. I know that working from home gives me some flexibility. Declare what you want and WHY you really want it. Shout it to the sky (or Facebook!). I declare this to YOU that I am fasting for 60 hours!

Get A Support System

You’re going to need help, a support system and guidance. I am so blessed to be in this amazing Facebook community of over a thousand women, and I’m so stoked about that! That’s where I’m going to get my help. There’s women in there that have done what I’m doing, and I’ll make sure that I get the support mentally and get the right information. 

When we change what we are eating you go through a process, the carb flu, it happens when we change what we eat and we’re not putting sugars and glucose into our bodies, it has a lot of different symptoms that can come along with that. But there are different solutions and much more benefits that come after the fast! In my family I’m surrounded by diabetics and heart disease and I’d rather that, than be dictated to by a doctor.

Invest In Yourself

We invest in ourselves all the time. I buy courses, I hire coaches… When I spend money on my products I don’t see that as a cost but as an investment for my wellness and my health. We need to be doing this kind of thing NOW!

Stay Connected

Make sure you’re connected. If you don’t have the right communities or the right support, you need to plug in with some people that are going to help guide you. You need the right circle that will help to support you.

Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women - those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
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We have to have this within our business, within our finances, within your relationship and also our health. I admit I fell off my little red wagon and probably gained around 8 pounds since thanksgiving, which I don’t think it’s too bad but I know that there’s women that gain a lot more, and a lot less. But I know I don’t want the muffin top… I want to take control! I have to have consistency back in. Let’s start it off with a BANG, do it real good!

Do Something

Know that you have to have something when you hit that plateau. Have you guys ever hit a plateau within your business? Or finances? “I can’t get through this, what is going on?” Know that a plateau is going to come and we have to have those choices to DO something. We have to be able to mix it up, and to flex and to do different things and be open to that. Be open to some of the things that are coming our way. Especially with all the abilities to do what we can do online. 

Move Forward

Understand that music moves us. Maybe it’s time to insert a new playlist. You may need an amazing song to help you get started in the morning. Play a new playlist for yourself to keep you motivated for tomorrow as you move forward everyday!

’Bye Negative Nellies

We don’t have to justify what we’re doing to anybody. Just fling the naysayers off. There’s gonna be some bad people out there that leave lots of icky comments “I did this and it didn’t work for me;” “My sister tried that and she is now in the hospital.” Bad things happen, good things happen, I’m just choosing to focus on the Sunny Side of Life as I always do. So if someone has a negative opinion about how and why I wanna jump start my body, so I can have a happier and brighter reset, it’s like yeah I’m excited about this!

As you can tell I’m all excited, but probably in around 5 hours my stomach is going to start talking to me, I’m going to start getting cravings… But I love feeling powerful and strong, and knowing that there’s very few things in life that we truly do have control over, and what I put in my mouth, what I do to my body and how I treat my body is one of them. This is 100% within our control.

I have declared this to the world and I’ll definitely let you know how it goes!

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