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Words. The magic makers within lyrics, songs, movies, poems, articles, blogs and in conversations. It Is MORE Than Words That Are Our Key To Success.

What makes working online is now there are so many ways to express WORD ..

Facebook Lives, YouTube, Mini Voice Clips, Capitals, Spaces, Emojis,

When it comes to successful communication, we know we are offering solutions to a need, ideas, providing value to your client.

Did you know??

ONLY 7% of your successful conversation results from WORDS?

Yes.. that’s the stone cold truth.. So while we talk and talk, your client being bombarded with words.. only 7% are potentially absorbed.. the other 93% fall to the ground watering the grass under their feet.

Their are no magic words, no special voodoo spells.. The magic lies within YOU .. Your energy, and your tone. Your passion and your compassion.

38% of your successful conversation results from TONALITY.

55% of your successful conversation is from ENERGY.

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How you speak, your energy, your tone of words, the cadence and flow, the urgency, the vibrancy of your words. Words are the key to our success! Add your personal splash of energy, emotion and style, own them!

Think of the sounds around us, the sounds of a storm coming in from the hills, the rumbling, the wind rising, tree branch’s rustling, what does that inspire you to do, tell you to do ..

Think of the sounds of a summers morning, the song birds melody, the creek babbling to meet the lake as its waves kiss the shore, the splash of the rock from your hands to the water, what does it inspire you to do, encourage you to do ..

No words were needed were there??;  its all in the tone, the sounds, the energy, the urgency ..

Everything we DO is to deepen a connection, your rapport, create those ahh ha moments, create curiousty, intriege, the sisterhood, the trust, the open communication. Seeking to understand. Seeking to serve.

In communication, in closing a sale, offering a solution, expressing an idea; Heck in almost everything in life, its not what you say, its how you say it ..


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Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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