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Sitting here at our local coffee cup in hand waiting for my husband to finish his appointment next, letting my mind roam, and now my fingers are rambling across the keyboard.. sharing with you now some heartfelt “Coffee Shop Thoughts”…

*1. Your list of clients, potential clients, team-mates, potential team mates is your business. You must grow it daily like watering your flower bed, or your business and flowers will die. A slow and painful sad death.

* 2. You . YOU . Are the component, the driver, the wheel, YOU are the Why folks would do business with you,  folks do business 7 days a week, So why choose you?..

Are you offering education, teaching, offering value, solutions to struggles or a need?

What are you doing that makes you any more special than the other “shop/store/home business owner” next door.

It’s in the relationships you build. People do business with those we trust, we like, we believe in.

Providing solutions to any business owner (home or storefront). Most of us know what we want, or what we need.

When you look to your niche, are you adding ideas and thoughts, creating that want of your service? And if they don’t need or want it right now, if you are providing value and education, you know when they bump into a friend over coffee, and that subject comes up, they will be “thinking of you”. What you do now, isn’t just about “now” its about building on top of your tomorrows, those interactions, and your future referrals.

How are you marketing yourself? How are you building yourself? How are you investing in yourself?

When you open your mouth you are telling the world who you are. (or for me right now, fingers on my keyboard)

We have to invest in ourselves and develop our communication skills to impact the mind, the heart and spirit – 3 dimensional communications.

To achieve the above point # 1 of your List, you have to shine bright like the North Star, you must be unique and special like that Star .. There is only One you, Shine bright.. Brand yourself, and educate yourself with Attraction Marketing.

* Leads and Money .. that is what all business owners large and small require .. It’s imperative that we offer value, we teach, we educate, solutions to the needs. If your struggling regarding those two. To increase leads and money, work on point #2 of You ..

It has to come from the heart. Remember that quote: The more you give, the more you shall receive”. It’s true. By helping others you help yourself.


Do you love your life like I do?

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Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

P.S. People often ask me; Roxanne I can see you LOVE being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives; BUT what is it you really do? To answer that, I use social media platforms to market trendy highly consumable products that YOU shop for every week!  Most women don’t go far without their phones & do A LOT of online shopping so I help empower, support & teach women who “want a bit more in life” do the same. More Sisterhood. More Tribe. More Fun. More income within Social Retail ..

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