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It happens.. actually more often than you would think… When you feel, “Your uplines gone crazy!” Her beliefs, values, thoughts no longer seem “so aligned” with yours.  So what do you do?…


I’m happy to share some deeper insights!!


The thing is, there are all types of people out there in the world.  People who believe in aliens… Folks who think the world is flat, some even thoughtful about conspiracy theories, some folks who think roses stink… there are people out there (even maybe your upline) & you feel like they’ve gone off onto the crazy train…

I’ve got some great ideas & solutions for you to contemplate upon!  


Crazy happens, one day your friend, your upline, coach & mentor appear to be totally normal (to you), and then the next time you you hear something being spoken or read a social media post,.. it’s like “What are they talking about?!  Where did this come from?” Thinking to yourself “I didn’t know they thought that, believed in that ect.” “I think my uplines gone crazy!”

First of all, if you can comfortably without distress, have a open conversation with her do so.  Seek to understand.  We don’t have to agree, but we are grown up to seek to “see her thinking & expressions”. It isn’t about convincing or “sides”, it’s about understanding, knowing & discovering if there is still common ground to stand upon.

Still??… You’re at that place, resolved that your uplines goes against your vibe, your beliefs, tendencies & there it no middle ground. & you desire to part ways as it grates against “your fibers of your being”?

Do you know the acronym, KLT?

That’s short for Know - Like - Trust. I enjoy getting to know women who want more out of life. I like to create friendships & truly deepen a connection, to get to know, like and trust those I might consider to team more closely with.

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1  Get to work.

“Head up into your family tree”, into your upper upline. Connect with them, have a heart to heart. You can even team up, pair & run with a side sister! 

If you were at a regular 9-5 job & you felt your uplines gone crazy  aka “boss’s gone crazy”, you still had to do what you have to do. Show up, do your job. But in this business, we can decide we can do a better job than our bosses, despite the crazy! We can try to be better mentors, better leaders & coaches than them. So reach up for the help that you’re going to need! That’s what I Iove about Network Marketing, we have this tribe to call upon.

I have built the best relationships, with some high touch Sisters that have that my vibe, my beliefs, my back.

I know how to get what I need for my success & who I can reach out to if I had a mentor or upline that’s gone crazy.


2 Book at ticket!

Scroll your next team Zoom! Make a plan!  At the NEXT Event, seek out & make new besties. Take control, & go get what you need for your success!  So you can have deep, heartfelt, meaningful conversations to find out how to grow, build, strategize. Even grasp new insights to serve your customers or teammates.


3 Leverage the systems at your disposal.

It is fabulous to know we have a place to “plug in” so we can rise above & beyond of where we are. You must have systems, tools; Facebook Groups, Company training events, Zoom Meetings that you can tap into, dig deep & find great ways to leverage what you have online!


4 Make that internal decision that you’re going to do a better job than your upline.

Prove it to yourself!!  You likely feel you can do better, so if you believe it you can do it! Despite that your uplines gone crazy, or your crazy boss or crazy co-workers, it makes a great story that you can go home and give yourself a high five that you got it done. You’re more than capable & competent to make it happen! BE the upline you wish you had!  


5 Don’t spend your time arguing with people. 

Time is precious!!  For example; If you spend time trying to convince someone who believes aliens are real, you’re still not going to convince them they’re not. So realize where your precious time is being expended & where your head-space / thinking is at. Focus on what you want, your dreams, hopes, desires, on your goals, helping your tribe… NOT on trying to change someone else’s beliefs.  Ask yourself,.. is this a good use of my time? 

You can make your situation better, make your heart feel better by re-focusing where your precious time, energy & focus goes. Trying to change “someone else’s thoughts”, it’s like coming against a brick wall. & that’s neither healing nor helpful for you, nor productive for your tribe.


6 Maybe now it’s a great time for you to strike it on your own.

It’s a big world out there for us entrepreneurs… Maybe it’s time to go & create a new Facebook community?? So you can offer that “high touch” & connect with your team. Start a fresh messenger chat that is just for you & your tribe. Be your own boss, do it for you, do it for your tribe!

Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women - those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
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Last thoughts about “your uplines gone crazy” is .. often what starts together doesn’t end together.. What we can strive to seek is; what lessons were learned. Seek to strike out onto your own path with appreciation of the time & experiences you had together.. 


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how to shift forward when you believe “Your Uplines Gone Crazy”!   Of course, if you found some value, insights & goodness, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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