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“Pushed Off Your Game?!” It happens to the best of us .. “Something or Someone” happens & pushes us off track… Totally sets us off course & sideways for a bit of time in its emotional disturbance! Has this happened to you? While my “recovery time” has improved when this occurs in my day, I’m hoping to share some insights so you can get back on track & feel better sooner!


“Things can happen” within moments of our day, our jobs to all of us, and I want to share what happens when you are feeling off course, I don’t think enough people share what can really go on when you are completely shifted sideways.


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So,  the story goes… My day was going so good, sparkling & fabulous, I was rocking it out my “to list”, a mile high day… & THEN one “meanie head” conversation totally pushed me off my game!  Being human, it pushed me off track. All of a sudden I was a flipped upside down inside out mess… my anxiety & stress raised up to the roof sky high!!

I had to take a deep breath & realize that this was just a little blip, I could let it push me off my game, make a mountain out of a molehill, set me fully off course & lose the power & momentum of my day OR,..

I Could Dig Into “What Do I Do Next?”
1 —  You have to realize that you can’t help everybody.

& that is a tuff one to sometimes accept, especially those of us who have a huge helping servant heart, dare I say “Yes Girl”?.  The thing is, we’re not “the experts” on all things, so sometimes the best thing is to “point & direct” to be the right help.  Leverage other people in your circle of assist in information, influence & educations. 


But sometimes you & I get feeling guilt or shame, feeling bad, because we didn’t have the answers, couldn’t be of help is going to interrupt what we CAN do, & should be focused on for the rest of our day .. There are STILL lots of opportunities to help other friends & sisters! Give yourself some grace & shift to “can do” activities! 


2 — We need to re-center ourselves

Re discover what we can & can’t control. What is within my power & not. Giving ourselves a bit of a self check. Re-align, perhaps give a “reset” to our day!  Feel better, DO better..  


3 —  Step back. Shake it off! 

Take some deep breaths, get out of the chair, do some Amy Cuddy Power Poses, Meditate, focus on stillness, grab a cupa tea, gaze out the window, journal, play your fav play list, go for a walk, play with your fur baby… Anything to break the chain of thinking & self talk that isn’t being helpful to “shift forward” from those crappy unsettling moments.


4 — Challenge & if needed change our measuring system.

Perhaps it’s a perfect time to reevaluate how we judge our worth, deserve level & what we’re doing. Take a breath, go back, reflect &  think about how great the day was going before this instance of being “pushed off our game”. Consider getting back to supporting your team, helping out in your favorite FB communities, get back & attack your to-do list. There are still lots of folks who need you , love you, appreciate you!  That has always helped me re-aligned & get me back on course faster! 


5 — Simplify & Solve. 

Perhaps a few things on your “to-do” list are going to get cut from your day. Re-Schedule & plan for another day when you are running at the tip-top of your day. Give yourself grace, release, that there were some things you didn’t get done. Tomorrow is a new day, & it’s okay. De-clutter a few things off your plate so you can give yourself that time to refill your well, re-inspired, re-empowered. 


6 — Pick Up The Phone .. 

Vent, call your bestie with a safe ear, let her be the sponge & let lose your feelings & emotions!  Venting is a healthy thing, don’t keep it bottled up! Tap into your Sisterhood Circle, connect, converse, add & uplift!! I know all of you guys are a positive part of my circle. Tap into your circle’s positive vibes & feel better faster!


7 — Re-Establish Boundaries.

What you tolerate you will endure when it comes to others behaviors & treatments to ourselves.  If it’s the same person (or situation) that’s been pushing you off your game that makes you feel unbalanced then you might have to have a heart to heart with yourself.  Once the emotions have settled between you & that person, have a discussion of acceptable behaviors, treatment & communications between you too. Bullying, narcissus, manipulative behaviors need to be addressed asap. 


8 — You know me “Little Miss Positive”

Assess within, perhaps this is maybe just a test from the universe?.. How bad do you still love what you love? How bad do you want what you want? Let that fire rise up within!  Regain your balance, your tenacity & grit… Get back on your Unicorn! Know you are Flawsome! If this is a test, know that you passed this with flying colors!! 

Most of all, again remember to breath, focus on what you can control, find ways to reset your day, heal yourself & situation to the best of your ability without sacrificing who you are… You have made it through every tuff day & you’ll make it through this one too!  Sometimes good enough is good enough!

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips & solutions to conquer the experience of being “Pushed Off Your Game!!” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need! & Yes please, Do share your thoughts!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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