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Using a “30 Day Business Run” or even a “60 or 90 Day Run” to Get Explosive Momentum & Biz Growth is a great semi annual or quarterly activity!!

The thing is .. 90 Day Business Runs were super common, ultra effective to create the right focus on the right activities to EXPLODE your & your team’s businesses .. & everything changes when everything changes, now it seems that shorter “runs” are popular especially this year of 2020 which seems to be a new level of “crazy”!

30 Days of specific intentional focus can be a game changer, creating a positive ripple in your biz unlike any other that can carry forward positive benefits of growth months & even years into the future!


I’ve had a lot of people ask me ‘What the Heck is a Business Run?’


Why should I do one? Why should I do this with my team?

What are the outcomes or the expected results? Why do you need to have this within your yearly plan with your team & business? Why do people do them?

A 30, 60, or 90 Day Business Run has a LOT of powerful benefits!

A Business Run is made to achieve some very specific goals within your team growth & your business. People can do “Runs” for their health & wellness, people can do them for their businesses, of course, even family financial goals… there’s all kinds of reasons why we can do them! 

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But the most important reason why a woman would jump into one is because we know success loves speed!


And it’s an amazing way to grab a piece of the season; Fall being a catalyst of change, some huge momentum is within reach!

We already know that the women that are going to be crushing their goals this fall are the action takers, the women that are working diligently, consistently in the summer! In the summer months we can create some massive attention within our business when we are ranking, celebrating & reaching goals.

We do Business Runs because we can have new teammates that come into your biz that have ineffectual biz building activities & habits, spinning their wheels on social media & not getting the result they dream of & the impact they desire!

They’ve in the past spending a huge amount of time on social media, doing all these different activities that they’re company has told them to do and they’re not having any results! They haven’t had sales or sign ups in ages…  but I truly think it’s because some women don’t know the specific activities or the strategies. Using systems and following a personalized daily blueprint, what they really should be doing on Social Media daily to get the results that they want!

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What happens during a Business Run?


A 30, 60 or 90 Day Business Run is PERFECT for us Ladies in business that have hit a “Dry Spell”, feeling perhaps unmotivated, life happened, we got distracted, took a social media break… Or perhaps struggling  with consistency, fear, worry & spending ” a lot ” of time on Facebook with no consistent results. (leads, sales, signups)

Great “Spin Off’s” of a Business Run:
– Higher Focus
– More Faith & Belief in YOU
More Confidence & Conversations
– Better Energy & Vibe
– More Self Worth & increased Deserve Level
– More Inspiration & Faith
– Better Habits, Precise Actions, Accountability
– More Traffic & Engagement on your FB wall & Business
– Increased Team Duplication
– More Commitment, Tenacity & Grit
– More Sales, Signups, & Leads (list building)


A Business Run has the POWER to get YOU out of your own way, out of your head, obliterates procrastination, pushes away distractions, helping you create a new productive mindset & routine.


What is Happening RIGHT Now Is; Three of our Teams Top Leading Ladies that have “Been Around the Block” a few time have prepared a Daily Action Plan, a Daily Blueprint when it comes to building a viable business on Facebook!..

It is so powerful to wake up knowing what we have to do, no stressing, no fretting, no spinning our wheels or wandering aimlessly.. YAY!!

It’s going to create very precise intentional activities that we know that are tried, tasted and true!

Confidence & Energy is contagious.. So having the leadership & sisterhood that is going to help in direction & accountability is going to get eyes on YOU because because your belief level & confidence is going to sky rocket as the “whole tribe is doing this” .. Where the pack thrives & there is no lone wolf mentality here!  It will beyond doubt, build confidence within you! You’ll have a better self worth & your deserve level will go up because you know that someone else has paved this way for you!

It’s all broken down into micro steps that have to be done, crystal clear of exactly what we have to do & WHY we have to do it. It creates a clarity so YOU & your team can reap the benefits & the rewards of putting on your blinders on, getting committed for the set stretch of days.

The length is of  “30, 60 or 90” days because this kind of deep intensive activity & action isn’t sustainable. Just like a professional athlete, you can only train & give your ALL for so long. Then you have to relax because our body & mind can’t do that on the long term. It’s the same thing for business, it’s going to increase our belief level, deserve level & self worth. & of course the celebrations & joy of achievement & accomplishment of Doing the DO!


There it no doubt, at the end of a Business Run, you’re going to possess better habits, more traffic, conversations, inspiration, belief, sales, larger team, solid commitment, self worth, confidence…


Just MORE of everything that we sometimes within our business that we struggle with.

What’s your number one tip...

when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips & power of a “Business Run!!” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need! & Yes please, Do share your thoughts!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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