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Being a Hot Mess Mom, Grandma, Auntie… Can have us feeling that we are spiraling out of control & all over the place. With no plan of action, direction operating at a new level of “Crazy”!! 


BUT … with all that being said, I want you to know that living in a “Hot Mess Mom” moment, you can STILL build an amazing online network marketing business!   While some friends & family, even yourself, might believe “Life” isn’t going “as planned”, by being raw, real & relatable YOU are actually going to build a better business!

& I’m going to share the how too details!!  It is all about you discovering YOUR path & how your plan of action fits your crazy “Hot Mess Mom” moments!


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when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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By you “Doing the Do” .. It shows that despite you having moments of being a hot mess mom, of your dog barking, your partner hollering for something two rooms away, the cat hackin a hair ball or the kids fighting, whining or crying, it shows peeps that “building her dream” still achievable, it’s believable. We’re showing people that despite what’s going on in this crazy world,; we’re getting it done! Doing the Do.


We have to think about, be anticipatory, expect & plan to work our businesses in the moment. Mini work bursts. Yes even locking ourselves an extra 3 minutes in the bathroom or alone in the car at the grocery store parking lot. We can build a business around our “Hot Mess Mom” life with network marketing business, instead of building a life around our business. 


I want to share some amazing tips with all the Hot Mess Moms!


1 Hellooo this is Social Media ..

Your friends old & new want to see YOU & your life!! So when your posting, don’t forget to include your kids, your husband / partner and your fur babies (cats & dog ect)  in what you’re doing in your week.   Top Three things that can “Stop a Scroll” are: kids/ babies, snuggle pic’s of you & your beloved, & your pets… so sprinkle them in your posts! 


We connect deeply with the underdogs, so in spite of everything in your “Hot Mess Mom” world,  try to show up! Even if it is one post a day on Social Media & a burst of FB Stories ect .. PLUS, it keeps your algorithms going steady even if you feel that you are not on top of your game that day! 


2 Decide that “pursuit of discipline” is written in stone.

Awareness is everything!  Discipline is the bridge, that span of time of where you are right now & where you want to be. It’s having that ability of waking up in the morning & having a activity list of “actions” a blue print.. The “when” is flexible. “Done” is not. We ALL get busy, but seek to find a way of doing the do’s that will bring you success! It’s just deciding that you will find the way, knowing the path of achieving & complexation will flex & change every day.

Expect to be flexy bendy & creative!  That “some action” is better than no action.  Decide what your “base line” of activity will be in your day & build upon that.


3 There are going to be “activities” in the days ahead that you’re going to have to say no to so you can say YES to the great things that are coming next into our lives.

I’m not suggesting be a slave to your biz.  That isn’t why we are doing what we are doing, BUT DO Be attentive to compromises & balance.  Sometimes I am late for the party, or arrive early & scoot out early at a event. It’s a juggle, a balance.. I look at family activities & social events like the desert buffet table.. what do I REALLY want as I know I cannot possibly eat all the sweet treats!


Focus on “the something” in your day that lights you up, gets you excited & keeps your fire burning! I love my team chats because they keep me inspired, connected & enable me to add more bless & bliss into my Team (business) with less stress! 


4 Grit is an ability to dig deep into your resolve & courage.

Possessing it’s a heartfelt belief in yourself & in what you’re doing despite what other people might be saying. (or you think they are saying) Don’t allow other people’s opinion to poke holes in your dreams. You have dreams for a reason.  They are worthy, YOU are worthy!!  I have discovered over the years, sometimes it’s better to work in silence with tenacity and grit, & JUST get it done! That will quiet the naysayers! We have to focus on our lane! You have two choices in life, prove them right or yourself! 


5 Fall Forward.

When we struggle, when we fail we have this beautiful ability to fail forward. I remember my daughter learning to walk, she would toddle forward, become unsteady, FALL FORWARD to her hands.. sometimes rock back to her butt, sit there a moment then shift forward & up & off she went again.  Fall Forward.  When you fall, encourage to pause a moment, rest, reflect; what’s working, what’s not?


Be thankful that you have the ability to get up again refreshed & refocused. Learning to laugh at our errors, seeking the wisdom within the pains.. is a life saver & game changer. We become faster at adapting & shifting forward swifter than our competition.


Celebrate & learn from your failures! Use those falls, those stumbles as opportunities to take breath.. Understand that we have to embrace & trust that the universe is working on our favor even when we think that it’s not! These failures & struggles are on our doorstep to teach us a few things & prepare us for what’s coming next. Find a way to handle those falls & seek to understand the lesson so we can do better, be better, sharing the lessons to our tribe & team! 

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips & solutions to conquer the feelings  of being a “Hot Mess Mom!!” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need! & Yes please, Do share your thoughts!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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