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The thoughts I have for today are all about “Self Love”. Who do we love the most? I’m all about making sure that we’re giving ourselves enough love. It’s an old statement, Love begins first within. If we don’t possess Self Love, how can we truly love another? Help another?… If we’re not pouring into ourselves FIRST…  How can we pour into other people, our loved ones, friends, business partners, clients, & build a better, brighter business if from an empty well?

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Would you agree, taking care of ourselves is never a waste of time?!

Pouring self love & goodness into ourselves is never a waste of time. Finding ways of raising our self worth, our deserve level, our confidence is key for our success in anything in part!

I soo want to dig into some ideas of self-love & self care strategies.

I’m curious … Have you ever written yourself a love letter?

I know it might appear kind of crazy but have you ever done the Self Love exercise of YOU writing a Love Note to yourself?

In building a network marketing business online we know that there are plans, goals & strategies, we are in action mode almost every single day! 

It’s no joke that it’s very high energy & high emotion for us women.. For some of us that’s not easy to sustain.

Network Marketing is a service-centered business. We’re loving, giving, growing, serving. But without love, it is going to be tough to accomplish all we desire. We need a way to “fill our well”.. keep pouring into others as we’ve been poured into…

Our greatest superpower as women is that we are amazing at nurturing, empowering, encouraging & enlightening other people but we often neglect ourselves.

True Right? We so very often put ourselves on the “back burner”  thinking “I’ll take care of me later”. 


The process of “Writing & Journaling” enables the LOVE to be expressed from our hearts & flows through our mind, into our fingertips & into our notebook. It solidifies truths, factualizes beliefs, breaks barriers, empowers grown & allows us to tap into our greatness, it helps us be mindful & present all at the same time.

It’s such a positive empowering activity, it allows deeper creativity and lets us flow with our tendencies, nuances & pour out what is going on deep within corners of our hearts & minds. Journaling for some of us can also be a “mentally cleansing” activity!

We CAN become our greatest cheerleader. We are not our past pain points, we are not our past tears of trials & tribulations!


You’re not alone, not an island. We are connectors, networkers, we possess a sisterhood & tribe. We deeply desire to collaborate & converse.

By doing a self love activity of writing a love note we remember that we’re allowed to explore our best selves by serving other people. Network Marketing is connecting, communicating, collaborating every single day & that lights our inner fire, fuels us & keeps our heart going.


When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

You can’t help but talk about it - and let me tell you, I adore the tribe & marketing plan in the company I’m running with (High trending products help too!).

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A point to think upon is .. Determining your own Self Worth is much too great of a responsibility to place upon or give anyone else. Your power is your responsibility. No one know YOU better than yourself, truly deeply!!

Through this Self Love writing exercise, we can reclaim it & own it!!  Take it back! Our self worth is immeasurable.

We can very often underestimate our worthiness & our power, so it’s up to us to own it, declare it & claim it.


TIP #1 :  Find your format to write your “Self Love” note. Maybe you have a very special pen, maybe you adore hearing the tippity tap tap of your fingertips striking the keyboard. It can be in an embossed journal or a beautifully engraved notebook, it can be a really magical process so figure out how you want to choose your format! Let your mind explore in fun & delight! 


TIP #2:  After you’ve discovered your format you have to find a comfortable, private space. Some of my best journaling was when I went to my favorite coffee shops, getting out of my regular space & place. Maybe for you is walking down to the lake to a bench listening to the loons call, or you want to be in a special space on your couch, with 3 blankets, your fur babies, some tea & some candles light..

Find Your Happy Place! 

TIP #3:  Lock it up in your calendar. Even if just for 20 minutes. YOU Are Important!!  Self-love is about booking your heart & time with something that will fill you up & make you feel better. Not just about the expense of time…  Give yourself permission for this intentional exercise. Look at it as a “one on one date” just for you rather than a chore. (I know, I know “everything is important”.. the laundry, the dishes, the kids, the dog drool on the couch cushions.. Make Time for You, Book it into your busy schedule!!)


TIP #4:  Write it in the Third Person. This is a game-changer when writing.. An external eye upon ourselves, I know it seems kind of crazy but it works fabulously, it takes the stress off & calms our anxiety. It’s as if you were writing about your best friend, a loved one near or far.  Just a loving reminder: YOU!!  YOU are your best friend… 


Tip #5:  Choose your approach. We can get really creative about how we Self Love ourselves. What do you think makes you special or unique, different. All those key points about you being “one of a kind” authentic is allowing your life to shine bright.

You can note down & fill in ..  “I love you because…”  “I’m proud of you because…”  “I’m so thankful because…”  “I appreciate you because..”  “Today you were amazing because…” “You are flawsome today & achieved this…”

And this might bring some tears, & that is 100% ok. Tears are releasing & cleansing. Tears are healing.

This is part of the process of Self Love & often there are tears involved in the expression of love. Pretend that you are your own secret admirer or best friend.

Do you love your life like I do?

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When we can let our inner child out there’s a part of you that delights in that. Allow your inner child to shine again and let those hopes and dreams come back to the surface. Enjoy some quiet time, this is a beautiful exercise that will center you about what your true powers are as a woman.


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips of Self Care & Self Love of Writing Yourself a “Love Letter”!!” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need! & Yes please, Do share your thoughts!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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