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Did the holiday weekend leave you filled with Social Exhaustion, Feeling Drained?  Have you felt that burnt out, overwhelmness, just empty of ALL energy to the point of feeling stretched & stringing a coherent sentence together is almost to much effort? Yup, Me Too!!  


There was a period in my life when I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was “broken”. But I’m so happy to discover that I’m totally normal! This is just who I am & there are millions of other people out there just like me, that “Too Much Socializing” can leave us feeling Social Exhaustion, drained empty & worn out.


My sister, I love her to bits, is the one who will swing the door wide open, bounce in, own the party, go around give everyone hugs, kisses, she’s loud, the life of the party till they close down, & she is still raring to go!  Her energy, enthusiasm rises by the hour..

Me on the other hand;  When I enter into a room, it’s slowly, quickly assess who is in the room.  I’ll head to a safe spot of a conglomeration of people, but not too many, where I can have a great conversation, sit at a table where there can “only be so many” connecting with me at the table.  I’m only good for a certain period of time, I have a time limit before “I’m exhausted” & I’m looking for a quick exit!!  There’s a turning point where I have to find some ways to rejuvenate myself. To hole up, quiet down & “refill”.


I can go be the Social Butterfly ONLY so long, then I need to Cocoon myself. 


The thing is; I’m a very busy thinker. Just because I’m not externally physically socially active busy bee (like my sister) there’s still always something going on in my brain. I have a LOT of cognitive activity going on all the time. I can be fully 100% happy, mentally engaged just being by myself in solitude for extended periods of time. (introvert) Where my sister craves people around her much of the time, or in conversations to keep her stimulated & energized. (extrovert) 


We know if we’re building an online Network Marketing Business, if we’re not feeling centered & rejuvenated, we possess low energy, dealing with Social Exhaustion we won’t be able to keep our business running tip top very long! In this industry “our business is people” so we have to find ways to pull ourselves back up when we are feeling drained, to pour into us, recharge our batteries on the fly, so we can go out into the world & do our good works! Being a “yes woman” won’t serve you or your business in the long run!  


Do you love your life like I do?

I’m always open to connecting with uplifted & sunshiney hearted women – those who love life and enjoy helping others succeed! And if you’re not completely in love with your life, that’s even more of a reason to connect so I can help guide you to the Sunny Side of Life.
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I want to share some tips and tricks to reduce Social Exhaustion:


  1. Plan Escape Tasks.

After the long weekend, we had a bunch of family leave, it was very busy in the house. “Escape Tasks” are fabulous for myself because they allow me to pull myself gently away without being weird, antisocial or seeming crabby. We can often feel (or imagine) the judgment from our friends & family when we walk away, “go to bed early” but we’re just tired, our brains are mush!!

*** My favorite thing to do is go grab my camera and take some pictures of things in the yard; that lets me step away. Going to take some pictures is something very normal. (usually a quiet activity!)

*** If there’s kids around you can do so much because their minds are singularly focused. You’ve exited the “loudness” of adult storm of conversations. You can go, read a child a bedtime story, play eye spy with my little eye, do some crafts or go out into the garden looking for butterflies with them. Find something that is “normal” but is also solitary. Children possess clean energy of love & delight!

*** You can come in & out of a social situation such as a dinner party or holiday weekend. You can go & do the dishes, declutter, chop some fire wood, do some laundry. Do mundane tasks that are normal & that will pull you away from all the busy loud conversations.

*** Go do errands, head to the store or market ALONE haha!

2. Breathe in slowly while counting to 4, breathe out slowly 1,2,3,4 ..

Repeat. Re-center yourself. Put a pause on Noise.  Stop focusing on every conversation & be that high touch engaging woman. Allow your conversations around you to blur, to soften…  Kind of when you’re gazing at something & you allow your eyes to relax, to blur, to go out of focus …  Shift the focus on the stillness of your mind & your own internal thoughts. Let everything else become blurry, push it away, tune out the noise & just focus on you. Allow them to do their thing. You become the “eye” of the storm around you.  Shhh… Meditation & Yoga are also great ways to reconnect with YOU!

3. Organize an outing.

Maybe there’s a vineyard, a museum, corn maze, or a park nearby. You can be in an outdoors space, spread out the noise, perhaps find some quiet or at least more one on one conversations. Getting out of the house is a great way to strategize by creating some calm in the chaos.

4. Look for that person who is like you.

We as introverts, or that introvert-extrovert blend when you go out & be the social butterfly & come back, cocoon & recharge;  always look for that person with whom I can have a great singular conversation & still be social without feeling overwhelmed, distracted nor drained. A great mentally stimulating conversation does boost my energy!! So looking for one who is “like me” is perfect .. We both can have a great time & end the evening or weekend on a high note!

5.  Head to the woods!

When Social Exhaustion is upon you, personally when the world seems to be spinning too fast on it’s axis & I’m now “off kilter” .. I have to head to the woods, or a river bank, a stream, the beach, a meadow… When your world seems to be so chaotic, step back into nature is a great way to “ground” ourselves… Figure out within yourself what can re-fuel you and give you re-focus. Take some time out for you. For me a walk in the woods, sitting on a log in the forest is just what I need!!  To watch the world go by, keep spinning along, until I feel better.

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We know there’s a big difference between being physically exhausted & mentally exhausted.

When I go to bed at night & sleeping 9, 10 or 11 hours, & wake up not feeling rested, rejuvenated that means I need to get my quiet time in, often in whole or bits of the above tips…

There’s a lot of solutions that I’ve discovered over the years that help my tribe & sisters within business. Many of the Network marketing business models in the past wouldn’t have fit me. I’d be suffering Social Exhaustion & burned out after going to home parties night after night. Exhausted, plastering a fake smile on my face at a two day market or vendor event. Stressed beyond belief making cold calls to book hotel meetings, or sip’n sees…

I LOVE my 100% online Social Retail business,.. As an introvert, I get to pick & choose when to connect, converse, provide content, book a zoom, or pick up the phone WHEN I’m at my best to serve potential new customers or business partners. I can support & teach my tribe to do the same so they CAN WIN & be our best sunshiney butterfly human being possible so WE can serve better & build a better business!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips when battling “Social Exhaustion, Feeling Drained?” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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