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“She Joined Someone Else” … Have you ever been conversing with a new friend, “a prospective team mate” within your network marketing company only to discover a couple of days later that she’s actually signed up with somebody else?

Or a prospective coaching client? You get my drift of thinking..


It can happen to us all no matter where you live in the world, you’re in the service industry, or what company you are working with… If you are in business long enough, it’s going to happen, discovering “She Joined Someone Else” …


I want to share some “Feel Better” tips, tricks & solutions to the “Sunny Side of Life” to move through this.


Because we know when we can “feel better so we can do better” & have that healing process. Get ourselves back on a positive, productive meaningful impactful path we desire! 


This recently occurred within my Tribe, so this is a hot topic that I think can & should be talked about in a loving way. You know me, Little Miss Sunshine Positive, always looking to share some sunshine!


The reality is when this happens to you, you’re going to feel some anger… That is ok!  Take a big breath, know in your heart, it is ok!  It is perfectly normal to feel disappointment, frustration, sadness, because women are “touchy-feely” emotional creatures.



That is a good thing!  Feelings are a good thing.  The next best thing is reflecting upon them!  


I remember my Dad describing anger as hanging onto a hot potato. The longer we hang on to that hot potato, the deeper the burn. The deeper the wound & the longer it would take to heal. So the more quickly we can move through the pain of your prospect who was interested in teaming with you within your business opportunity & a day later send you a message to let you know they got started with someone else… Yup, that is going to sting…

The longer hang onto the pain, dwell on the hurt, disappointment & anger, the longer it will take to heal. The longer it takes to heal, the likely you will feel distracted & disjointed within your business. We cannot “love & hate” very well at the same time… Your CURRENT Team & Customers NEED YOU!

When you absolutely adore someone (or something) it shows.

You can’t help but talk about it - and let me tell you, I adore the tribe & marketing plan in the company I’m running with (High trending products help too!).

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We have to discover & acknowledge the feelings roiling in our heart & minds


“She Joined Someone Else”… Likely you also have some grief, sadness, disappointment, along with the anger. If you’re like me, we would have had plans, hopes, goals, strategies set out with this woman so don’t hold back your feelings.

Like I said, The deeper the burn, the longer the heal”, allow yourself to process through it and then ask yourself smarter questions to hasten the process such as:

“What is next?”
“What is the learning?”
“Hmm.. What can I do now?”


As entrepreneurs & business owners, we have to be resilient, “flexy bendy”, cat like on our feet & endlessly creative. We also have to be understanding that “we don’t own people”. It has been said within Network Marketing we are a Volunteer Army”.  People have Free Will, therefore they’re allowed to change their mind. 


A side contemplation from my Woo Woo side of thinking.. Maybe it’s a sign, maybe it’s a hidden blessing? Maybe the universe is saving you a lot of pain & heartache. Try to be open. This is part of my acknowledgment of feelings. 


Feel Better Sunny Side Insights.. 


1 Pour love, gratitude & generosity into your amazing current team members that you have right now. Pay kind attention to the prospects, conversations & connections that you have on the go right now. Breathe, release, pivot & pour time & care into your current customers, clients & teammates. Maybe that means you’ll help them re-launch & reset their business, create a new mini workshop, craft a fun inclusive challenge, a fresh raffle or giveaway to create some positive energy & emotion. Smile & the world smiles with you.

SERVE .. Helping others feel better, do better WILL in fact help YOU feel better! It is a win win activity! 


Circle back & reconnect with your quiet team members. There might be some team members out there that have fallen off the wagon, touch base with them. Just being conversational will show them that you care, that we love them enough to be with them during the on and off periods of their business & life! 


When we pour love & can make someone feel better, we automatically also feel better. 


2 Build a New Team. We as Online Network Marketers using social media will likely have a whole pipeline full of prospects we are conversing & connecting with. We’re always making new friends, creating new relationships, so let’s Build a New Team! Get excited all over again! Pour that same attention, creativity, energy to a new inspired woman. Allow yourself to have that refocus pivot point, & turn that pain, frustration that you were feeling into pleasure.

Water New Relationships… Help Them Bloom!  


3 Build New Connections. Everyday we need to be making new friendships. Everyday we are putting up fresh meaningful content, stimulating connections & conversations. That is joyful & exciting. Join a few new FB communities. Offer to do some new trainings or free coaching to ladies you collaborate with. Make yourself “available” for NEW relationships to be developed. As they say “Fresh Blood” is a good thing! Create that positive ripple & impact!! 


4 Love them anyway. You had to have had a connection with that person. You very likely had some affection & attraction. Your interests & passions connected with them so it’s ok to still wish them well anyway.. Taking that deep healing breath, remembering that we don’t own people. Encourage yourself to say “It’s ok”.

If the wound is still too painful & raw you can quietly “Unfollow them” on social media.

They are still going to see your awesome posts, but when you open up your FB feed, scrolling your phone you won’t see them everyday. Take a break, allow yourself to heal, have that refocus & reflection of what is next, pivot, head in that direction.


You don’t have to unfriend all the way, you can just unfollow them & wish them good fortune. Let them know you would have loved to work with them but you still wish them the best & take a big breath in … then release.

You Got This … I know you do!!

Do you love your life like I do?

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering tips when “She Joined Someone Else” .. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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