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Are you perhaps feeling Stalled? Stuck? Stagnant in your MLM Network Marketing Biz?  It’s past mid month, certainly past “Mid Year” 2020… It’s well past time to evaluate how our year (or month) is trending.. Time to take a deep breath, pause, & ask ourselves some deeper, insightful questions.. Give ourselves the opportunity of a loving reset within our biz!  To help us shift out of those feelings,  so we can move forward, keeping aligned with purpose & passion!

How are you feeling about your success & your results? Feeling fantastic or a hot mess,

I’m here with 10 great questions to ask so you can Feel Better & Do Better before bed time!


Do you love your life like I do?

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If are YOU are feeling Stalled, Stuck, Stagnant .. By asking some smarter questions, digging to the heart of our biz, even the heart of our mindset, we can quickly pin point WHAT, WHERE & WHEN, so we can again create that positive impact within our biz!


If you’re building a Network Marketing Biz, you can first ask these 10 “Pulse Point Check” questions to yourself and then discuss them one on one with your Sisters! It’s a great mid year biz building task! You were were to help them launch their biz, BE there for them mid year, all year too!

TEN Questions 


1 How many people are you adding to your support groups?

(Exposure groups that you invite your prospect too, tag to relevant info & follow up with). That are helping you do the prospecting, helping you do the following- up & closing. How many people are you adding to your groups per week?


If you’re struggling and not having results maybe you should look into those numbers and make a plan with your upline. Create a doable, achievable “daily method of operation” blueprint that can then deliver the results that you want.


2 How many people are you reaching out, connecting with & prospecting every week?

(Active marketing v/s passive prospecting)  Everyday we should be making new friends, having fresh conversations, discovery calls, zoom meetings, “popping the question” in regards to your biz / service. If you’re feeling stalled, fresh blood as in friends is a great activity!  Make new friends!


3 What kind of responses are you getting when you reach out to those people?

Making new friends? Creating meaningful relationships? Bridging to business? Collaborating? Networking? As you go through the motions we’re going to get better at it. Over time we’re going to have more positive responses. It becomes natural vs stilted or awkward.


4 Are you reflecting after your conversations?

When your in conversations to your friend about your product, biz op or service? We need to evaluate their response along the line. What went well? Where did it go off track (if it did)? What learning / lesson was discovered?


5 Are you using some of the scripts that your company/ team has for you?

I know within our team we have a launch plan and full of script ideas for every kind of personality. That we build upon, fit & flex for both ourselves & prospects. What kind of scripts are you following that are effective for you? What do you need to do to have them more effective (if scripts are your thing.. some folks don’t like them, some folks find them very effective). When feeling stalled, scripts are a great place to revisit!


6 How many people are you putting into “3 Way Chats” with your upline?

Your upline is there to help YOU WIN!! Leverage their experiences, their success, let them help you explain the products, comp plan, team building strats. What makes YOUR team / biz different from the “Norm” out there. Why choose YOU, your team, your biz from hundreds of others! Take the stress off you!! 3 Way Chats are super duplicatable.

You can learn as you earn with 3 way chats, one day soon, YOUR downline is going to be using YOU in those 3 way conversations so they can help increase their prospecting results. If you are feeling stuck in what to say, stalled because you’re unsure of “next”  3 way chats are a life saver!


7 Are you doing Facebook Lives & Curiosity Posts?

Whether you’re doing mini lives in Facebook stories, or showing up several times a week… there’s always something to say! I let people express struggles, worries, talk to me.. then in turn, share out the solution, talking about their trials & tribulations, adventures, crazy things that happen to them and I reform all of that into a learning, a training opportunity that I then share forward. FB lives get you SEEN.. you swiftly become more relatable, conversations come easier!


Facebook lives are the best way to get a lot of organic traction, attention grabbing to break through a stall in your biz. Whether you use stories or live videos. If you’re not getting enough engagement, & response in your FB Lives it’s important to remember that we can change the value, we can get a bit more personal, we can play with the titles to have people stop when their scroll. Talk about this with your upline so they can give you some tips.


8 What kind of personal development are you doing?

What “spectrum”? Is it workshops? Courses? Books? Audio’s? Events (Virtual or Belly to Belly)? Mentor? Webinars? Coach? One thing I wish I’d done sooner was investing in myself. No matter how you get your PD in every day / weekly.. you need to think differently to get different results. The best way to begin to think different is to provide the material we need into our brain, heart, & soul.. Think of our brain like a garden hose.. good things IN, good things come out! The right PD can break that Stall, Stuck & Stagnation in a hurry!


9 We’re well into the second half of the year, have you LAUNCHED or re-launched your business?

Have you done an unboxing video? A third party results celebration video? Have you done a gratitude post of thanks for what your biz has done for your family, for your tribe? Do your new friends & audience know you have a service / business / products you market? MOST of us cannot recall what we had for supper 4 nights ago, do you really think THEY understand what you do, why you do it, & who you serve?


10 Last TWO Things to Focus on:

The first is consistency. Consistency creates reliability & trust. Not just for your audience, BUT YOU .. your belief & deserve level will raise as you create that trust within yourself by CONSISTENTLY showing up in your biz! Leverage your upline every chance that you get to help!

Second is to create VALUE daily, create something that your audience wants to read, view, listen to. It should educate, encourage, enlighten & empower. Assisting creating that bridge of connection, insights, so people want to, be open to connecting, conversing with you.

What’s your number one tip...

when it comes to feeling better & productivity in your life?

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I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering “10 PULSE Points to Check” if you’re feeling somewhat stagnant in your biz.. going through the motions but feeling stuck in a rut.. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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