What is a Call to Action (CTA)? Why do we need one? I want to give you guys some tips on how to make better ones so you can have bigger, better, brighter businesses!


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Whether you’re in a Network Marketing industry or a big business or small business, everyone out there has Calls to Action! When we are creating our content or newspapers and magazines are writing advertisements, there’s a reason WHY those CTAs create inspiration for people to knock on someone’s door and ask for more information.


Whether in a Facebook Live, or an ad, even just written content on your page and you are looking to create a deeper connection I want to share some tips:


Everyone doing a Facebook live should give a small introduction and then say hello to people and invite them to take action. Give instructions! I remember my very first mentors said I had to do Calls To Action because most people have a really short attention span. People won’t do the most basic things unless they’re being instructed to. 


“If you’ve got some value, mash those emoticons, share this with your friends…” I always say this in every video and some people will do that, some people won’t, but that’s commonality. That’s not a deep and meaningful Call to Action. When it comes to a CTA, it is an instruction. It can be subliminal and might make people inquire more about what you are talking about. It has to come in a conversational tone that is direct. 


We have to determine what we want our audience to do.


We have to begin our content (live videos, written content) with the end in mind. Determine what you want your audience to do. So then you can work your material backwards. Inspire people to take some action! You can break it into smaller little activities. If you’re not telling your audience instructions on what to do and when to do it, they’re not going to do anything. You’re dropping the ball if you don’t tell people how to follow up, where to contact you, how to approach you. You have to seek to understand and serve people.


There are all kinds of ways we can create deeper and more meaningful content.


All the great companies out there are inspiring you. We go to Facebook to be social. So we have to be attentive to not be too promotional. People don’t show up to Facebook with a coffee cup in one hand and a credit card in the other. They are looking to socialize, to engage, to feel something. 


Sometimes it can be the fear of missing out. 


If you’re talking about a product your company just launched you can describe how good it sold, its benefits. Converse in ways that create excitement, that transmits energy and makes a person want to be a part of something brand new. There’s nothing else like it. Make them feel some FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). People want the hottest and newest things out there. 


Create relatability, talk about how the product changed your life, why you needed it so much. Mention it is only available for a limited period of time. Ask people to send you a private message to get on the VIP list. Use specific words of actions to create the conversation of what they’re going to do next. They don’t want to miss out. 


Some other great ideas that we can do is to tell them where they can catch more information: “I’m going to pop a video in the comments, go and check it out!”. That gives a person an ability to get more information and get to know you better, which creates an ease of conversation. Invite them to read another blog post, watch another video, so they can get more familiar with you and may eventually feel comfortable enough to reach out to you. 


You can also offer freebies. There are so many ways you can add “bonus” content if people are enquiring about a specific product. “If you try this product today I’ll send over an extra training document!”. 


Create more conversation, offer solutions, and give people instructions on what to do next!


Definitely send me a message if you are curious to know more about attraction marketing.  Here’s my CTA: if you want to understand the power of attraction marketing and have been banging your head against the keyboard, I’m happy to have a call and explain more of how we have successfully grown our biz by using classy calls to Action within Attraction Marketing!

Cheers, Roxanne
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