What can we do to help grow more leaders within our businesses… instead of leaners? We’re professional network marketers so how can we help our team build a more beautiful business?

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How to create momentum without stressing you out?

It’s about setting the idea of leading by example. I remember my mentor said, “only 20% of the people in your team are going to do 80% of what you do”. Only 20% of the people want to build an online business, and want to create a bit of freedom within their world. I have women on my team that just want to make a couple of hundred dollars a month and I have others that are already looking to quit their full-time job. 

Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do our dreams. It’s about leading by example and understanding that we’re trying to create leaders. We want people to be self-motivated and self-inspired, but sometimes they need some help. 


I want to share 5 tips with you: 


1. Help them develop an action plan. People need a personalized plan, we all have different time limitations. It has to be unique and flexible. Some people have power 10-minute bursts, some have an hour.  Help them build the action plan that is personalized for them so, in reality, they’re going to have that ability to achieve their hopes and dreams. When they have a great action plan that is actually achievable it’s going to increase their confidence, and when this happens the results go up!


2. Direct. We’re not babysitters, we run a volunteer army. I work within an amazing team and I’m so honored and blessed to work with the women that I work with. But there came a time when I reached out all the time to my upline to answer any questions I had. That’s not realistic, she’s not my babysitter, she taught me to be resourceful. She taught me that I had to learn and answer my own questions. I didn’t have to wait for her to answer my doubts. 


Empower your team to be resourceful.


Teach them how to use Google, that Youtube is their friend. Help them understand that there are tools and systems that save a lot of time. When we answer our own questions we actually remember the answer longer. We learn to do, by doing.


3. Show up. Even in the crazy days that we have. You have to prove possible not just to your team or to yourself, but to your followers as well. Pop in and show that you are present within your business even in the craziest and busy times. 


4. Teach your team and empower them to understand that life happens. Maybe your kids are sick, maybe your partner is going through a hard time. That’s a time to make sure that you have the tools and systems prepared, that you can at least have 1 post daily to connect with the people on your team. You can also have group chats and leverage that tool so you don’t just disappear. Let your girls know that you won’t be as available in messenger as usual, but if it’s an emergency they can send you a text. 

Let them know what is a priority.

If a friend invited me to a 3-way chat that is a priority. Keep your promises. 


5. Challenges, events, and activities. Those are all great, they build momentum, confidence, community. When you are really busy and life happens it allows people to still be connected with something. They can still grow a blissful business. Use events and challenges, maybe a monthly team meeting so people can get together and collaborate. We want to grow strong leaders! 

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how to help grow more leaders instead of leaners! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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