Have you ever wanted to feel more confident? Feel bigger, braver and bolder?… But then the shy girl creeps in.. I want to share 6 ways to become more confident and help you share the wonderful woman that you are!

Take a look at some of my best tips and tricks in the following video:



How we desire we want to show up in our lives is really important. I know as an introvert my dad used to tell me ALL the time when I was in the showring on my Quarter Horse, I had to step up there, sit a little taller, smile a bit bigger, square my shoulders and move forward!


6 amazing tips to become more confident:


  1. Begin prioritizing your happiness every single day. People always talk about self-care, it is never a waste of time. You have to be able to show up in your biggest, brightest and best self! When we are happy we are the best gift that we can give the world. We get more things done in a loving and supportive way! So prioritize your happiness and do things that are joyful every day. It will increase your confidence and make you feel better and stronger! 


  1. This one is my mom’s quote: “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn”. That’s a little bit sassy but that’s how my mom is! You have to stop trying to please everybody else. She was not saying it to piss anyone off, she was being confident in herself. She understood and recognized that she was a priority of joy in her world. Eliminate people that don’t help you evolve! You have to let people go that are hindering you and instead bring people who enlighten you! This is a quote that helped my mom increase her confidence and prioritize her needs and her loved ones. 


Begin bringing people into your world that inspire you, that make you a better teacher, a better parent, a better friend.


  1. Begin pleasing yourself before trying to please anybody else. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of other people. That’s going to increase our confidence because we feel better. We are taking care of ourselves and that’s not a bad thing. When we take care of ourselves the world becomes a better place.


  1. Ignore the opinions of others that don’t enhance your life, especially your own. If you’re not talking kindly to yourself, you’re not going to be able to feel confident, you’re actually undermining yourself! You’re sabotaging yourself by listening to opinions that aren’t enhancing your life. You’re listening to the wrong opinions when they’re not helping you move forward! When we have these negative voices in our heads you have to think about this: “Would you ever talk to a loved one the way you sometimes talk to yourself?” We have to talk in a generous loving way to ourselves!

We have to light our own fire first! So we can then go and light everyone else’s torch along the way.


  1. Be authentically YOU even if it scares you. Being authentic you is the best gift you can give yourself and the world! If you’re hiding behind a mask of perfection, and not letting the real you shine, how is the world really going to get to know you? How will your audience be able to relate to you? We have a gut and a heart and we know when someone wants to put a wall or a mask before us. Women and men can pick up on that if we’re not being true to ourselves or if we exaggerate. 


It’s actually a good thing to be vulnerable and real, to share parts of your story that you don’t think people want to hear.


Those are the good things that make people connect with you, so you can create some deeper connections. People will join people that they can relate to, people will buy from people they can trust. 


  1. You have to remember to stop comparing yourself. We only have to compare ourselves with who we were yesterday. You might be doing a bit better than yesterday, and if you’re not that’s who you should be comparing yourself to. “Have I grown some since January?” “Am I a better human being?” Start there! Let your heart guide you with love and light. Allow yourself to explore what’s coming before you. You don’t have to have everything planned! Allow for the universe to work some of its magic! It begins with you stop comparing yourself with other people and focus on who you were 6 months ago.

Seek to understand and to serve. 


Your confidence is going to grow because you’re showing up with the right intentions and the right heart! Add a little light and love and help people along the way. Remember everything reciprocates. When we give confidence or empowerment to another human it will come back to us! The more we do it, the faster it will come back.

Holding your own candle won’t diminish anyone else’s flame. You deserve success, whatever you deem that to be!

I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how to love yourself enough to give yourself permission to shine and stand out online! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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