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We have been talking about inconsistency within our business, it has been a hot topic within my team so I want to share some ideas with you guys too!


Inconsistency is one of the biggest killers of almost everything that we do! Whether you work with financial goals, relationship goals or with your wellness. If you’re a network marketer inconsistency is a horrible thing that just destroys our businesses. 


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I want to share some of my best tips, ideas and solutions to get to the Sunny Side of Life!


Remember that when we have inconsistency in anything within our lives, if we’ve fallen of the bandwagon and haven’t been consistent with activities within your network marketing business you can always make a plan. The thing is we have to start all over from point A.


Sometimes we talk really meanly to ourselves, our mental inner chatter can create a lot of negativity. You would never talk to your friends that way but we seem to think it’s fine to talk to ourselves that way… it’s NOT! 


When you’re hot and then cold your team is going to lose belief in you.


When you’re not showing up consistently, we might have potential prospects that have been watching you for a while. I have people reach out to me a year later! But if I had been inconsistent, showing up and then not, those people might not have had that trust and belief in me to feel comfortable enough to reach out to me about my business. 


We all have moments or pockets of time when we are productive and then we have “lost” moments.


I’m not saying that when you have some time to relax it’s a “lost” moment. I’m not on my phone 24/7, I do step away and have an outside life of experiences. We all have what could be called as “lost moments” but that’s life! So don’t call those wasted moments. There is a difference. I call lost moments being distracted, like watching kitten videos! Maybe those get you too! 

Productivity days are when we divide those into different segments. I’m doing physical activities that will help me grow my business, then you have support activities such as checking emails, reconnecting with your team, taking in a podcast or training. 


We have to remember that we’ll have those different  portions of our day: productivity, support, and lost time. 


We all have a tendency to procrastinate, we know which activities we should be doing, but we allow ourselves to be distracted. Maybe because you have fear, worry or doubt about your business activities. Then all of a sudden you would have to get back to your activities and get fearful. 


The biggest way that I taught myself the lesson is we have to create a reasonable daily list of what your baseline minimum is going to be within your business. This obliterates inconsistency, no matter what, before you go to bed these activities are going to happen. I know my baseline is going to be different than yours, and that’s ok! We all have different lives and expectations. If you decide you have to make 2 – 5 friends everyday, or establish how many people you are going to prospect every day, it might be one. Make it reasonable for you. 


Same thing for facebook posting. Are you going to have 5 live videos per week, or just 2? It’s your business so if you don’t create that baseline you’re going to beat yourself up when you don’t get things accomplished by the end of the week, or the month. Your team will also lose its momentum because they’ll follow what you do!


Inconsistency might affect not just you, but your prospects, clients and even your team.


It will seem like you’re not caring and you’re not there for them. When we are consistent it creates accountability, it creates a record of success. Otherwise we might ruin our reputation. 


Consistency gives us something to track and record over a period of time. Whether it’s 90 days or 6 months, you can check your results. Whether its fitness or business goals.

I hope you got some value and realized how the small things we do everyday help us battle inconsistency! We don’t have to be working 24/7, we just need to pick the productive hours of our day to be active and consistent! This way you’ll improve your biz and inspire everyone in your team to do the same!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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