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I want to talk about authenticity, what does that really mean? How do we put this into our business? How do you build an amazing thriving authentic business?

I think back in the day Network Marketing companies used to say “When you’re marketing this you have to know that everybody wants what you’ve got, everybody is interested in what you’re selling”. “You have to tell everybody about what is going on within your business and your life”, and I think they did a disservice when they told us those things back in the day….

Catch some of my deeper insights in the following video:

I’ve done the “robot” stuff. Email marketing, lead generation (even purchased leads), chatbots, funnels… but to me, it wasn’t ME, it wasn’t authentic. I was making money but I wasn’t having any fun. Fun for me is having human interaction, it’s being able to follow my instinct, my gut, my soul. I don’t even know what I was doing back then. I wanted to build a beautiful, thriving, authentic business MY way, and I couldn’t figure out why I thought network marketing wasn’t for me. 


It was until I started embracing authenticity online that I started to thrive.


When I feel that I’m distracted or unfocused I pull myself back to center by asking myself: How can I help today and who can I help? And then move forward from that! When I discovered that I didn’t want to do the “virtual” stuff is when I realized that the more virtual our lives get the more we long for the human experiences and the human touch. We are looking for an experience, for people, for community. 


I feel so honored when people praise me for how I show up online.


When people tell me I’m transparent and honest I truly appreciate it. I’m not trying to trick people, I just show up and share ME. I show up in ways that hopefully stimulate thinking, that hopefully stimulate a conversation, that makes women want to reach out to me… Now more than ever we’re tired of the fake, we want people that speak from the heart!


People are looking for experiences, so how can we maneuver that forward into using our authenticity in our business?


It comes from asking questions when it comes to our communications. Creating content that has people asking you for MORE questions, pulling people to you, creating intrigue, curiosity, and thought. People want to think, we don’t want to get told what to do, so we have to create experiences for people so they can feel like they have some control. Let them ask YOU questions so we can pull back information from them and come up with ideas to seek to understand so we can help and serve them.


Ask people about their Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation: FORM. 


How can you serve somebody if you haven’t even gotten to know them better? Understand their situation, their occupation, their passions, and interests. 

When my friend prospected me for the first time, my motivation was that, even though I had a great job, I was missing the sisterhood, the community, and the fun. She knew there was a lack in my life because she asked me questions. So she said “Hey Roxanne, I remember you mentioned you weren’t having fun at your job, call me crazy but I recently started a Network Marketing company. I know you don’t need it for the money, but it’s so much fun! We get to talk and get together with the girls, cheer your sisters on! I think you would have a lot of fun and it’s online and you get to meet more people.” She knew my lack because she had asked the questions (FORM). 

Talk with people and not at people. You need to seek to understand where their whole is.


Remember your Network is your potential Net Worth. 


Most people are projecting upon people and not pulling the details in conversations. Those little fragments of conversations that you can pull upon so you can offer them a solution, some hope. 


Follow your gut and vibe, be your real human being and push away the negativity. Take off the dollar sign off of people’s foreheads and seek to serve, not to sell. 


Be authentic, be wild, be YOU!

I really had much fun with this blog, I love encouraging people to share their authentic self online! I hope you enjoyed it! Of course, if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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