I ADORE the Power of Team Incentives! They can be fun, productive, impactful & just explode your biz in a good way! They can be done by all skill sets, are evergreen & doable over & over & over in fresh ways, throughout the month so they never get stale & boring…

We are all familiar with the “Company Incentives” within your comp plan & bonuses such as trips, rank bonuses, company shares, cars & vehicle allowances..

But what is even more appreciated by your Tribe is when WE take control over what we can to SWEETEN & seal the deals, support & hasten the growth of our biz when we do inclusive Team Incentives!

Catch the deeper insights here in my short video! 

Lets Dig into the Psychology So We Ensure We Are Encouraging & Empowering EVERYBODY!!

1. Reflecting on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs .. the bottom of that triangle .. those Needs are met via the CASH flow of a biz .. the upper part of the triangle is satisfied in the Sisterhood aka TEAM ..


So a good incentive / promotion / give-a-way has to be INCLUSIVE


.. to match ALL aspects of those levels of human needs, so they can reach out & take in what THEY want, feel served, supported & win! Finances & Emotions are being met!

2. Reflecting upon different woman’s Personalities .. as we can often be very personally competitive & also “WE Woman” team hearted .. Just like the Olympics have Single events & Team events, the 100 yard dash & the baton race .. it is imperative to ensure balance so ALL spectrum’s of personalities within your team will be empowered & encouraged to participate, showing up in their best light & WIN!

There are 2 Types of Incentives:

1. Results.. numerical in tracking..
2. Activities.. action based in tracking..



Results: All the folks who have 1000 new volume before June 10th will be entered into a raffle.  All Teams who crack 25K before June 20th will be entered into a raffle.

Activities: All folks who have their smart ship run before June 11th will be entered to win a raffle. All the folks who invite 5 folks to our “such & such” group will be entered to win. The 5 top peeps that have the most 3 way chats going on will enter to win.  All folks doing 4 FB Lives a week will be entered into a draw! Every Referral Post you do, your name goes into a draw!  

** Keep imagining & thinking of fresh ways to incentives.

Run Different incentives throughout the WHOLE month to build energy, excitement, emotions & of course, increasing productivity, accountability, the right actions, giving focus to what is most important! Lastly Results .. increased customers AND new teammates! MOMENTUM & VOLUME!!

PLUS .. When you spread them out over the month MORE folks have an opportunity to participate. Folks get busy, life happens, maybe the beginning of the month isn’t a good time for that family or month-end at her 9-5 is swamping her … so spread them out!


Build Momentum with Stack-able Incentives


 If you have a team of one, a hundred or 1000’s .. tracking is imperative.. It’s a great way to reach out & help that talented organized team member lend a helping hand, empower them, help develop their leadership skills! Plus the ability to pour love into her of gratitude & appreciation of her assistance!


Though some Incentives can run for months such as counting points in your leadership retreat in a sunny destination, most hand crafted team incentives will be 5 or 8 days.. Enough time to ramp up, keep engagement & energy high without burn out & boredom creeping in before the celebrations arrive!!

Congratulations & Celebrations

Something I didn’t mention in my video .. Shine a light on winners big & small .. when we create incentives, do some as participation raffles so ALL folks have a chance to win & be celebrated .. Today more than ever, placing folks in a joyous spotlight of congratulations isn’t the norm on Social Media, so folks will stop the scroll & read!! It is a HUMAN need to feel appreciated, valued, giving that high five & ata girl! Find every way possible to GIVE it! 


Build Upon Energy & Enthusiasm!!

Incentive Ideas


Our imagination can go wild.. Discount’s on products, reimbursement on Shipping & Handling, Coverage of “get started” Biz Fee’s, Interviews with your rock star up-line, Books, Gift Cards, Educational Courses, items they might never buy themselves such as Michael Kors / Coach Clutches, Tiffany Necklaces, one of a kind artisan jewelry, iPad’s, ring lights for fb lives .. you are only limited by your imagination!

For example.. in my Social Retail business, our whole team has 2 incentives going on & I have 2 personal incentives just for my prospective customers & those of you who are “looking for a Plan B” or been curious about working more closely with me…

1. A raffle for those who have their Auto Ship set for June 10th or prior .. why? We as a lead team want to see approximate base volume so we can help our team hit their goals they set.. So we can reverse engineer the math so the WIN!

2. Those who hit a certain sales amount by Monday evening will get a interview with our highly credible up-line who will make THEM look like a rock star upping their influence in their circles eyes helping them build a better biz!

3. My Own Personal Offering 80$ back on a new teammates “Get Started Pack”..

4. My Own Personal Give Back to my Customers, Free Shipping & Handling on top of a 10$ off gift certificate!

Ramp up Excitement with “Countdowns”!

Last but not least .. RAMP UP Excitement & further the momentum & results with count downs.. In your chats or in your group begin a thread / post of count downs.. Depending on the size of your team begin at 100 or 50, 25 or less!  Every time a sale occurs .. POST it, SHOUT it out in chat, drop those emojies!  Large or small so everyone can participate!   100!!  99!!  98!!  .. When you hit pre set bench marks, draw for a random prize, a gift card, a book!  Countdowns are so fun .. FUN is never boring, Fun energizes & super powerful near month end as many of use begin to feel weary, distracted perhaps or even begin to compare our journey with another’s.


Countdowns are a exciting way to help keep focus & energies high!  


I really had much fun with this blog. Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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