When NOTHING seems to be going straight is the perfect time to remember ..  “Life isn’t linear, why growth & success aren’t a straight line”… It’s true & a daily reality, that often “everything just seems to be a little bit crazy, sideways & haywire”!


One big life lesson I remember my Dad teaching me is … Life’s a Dance! It’s the Chacha.. Two steps forward, one step back. Roxanne, it will feel like you are all over the dancefloor but at the end of it, you’ll see it as a thing of beauty.  Catch my deeper indights here on my short video clip!



I had a ground breaking conversation with my long time girlfriend who had been frustrated, upset with her lack of focus & productivity .. Well & lets be honest, the Results she was seeking just weren’t there!!  So it was beautiful thing to help her push reset as she in the background began working quietly & diligently .. ps, quiet isn’t a bad thing, retreating is not quitting!! She began that refocusing of her background work, setting her foundations becoming very precise with her DMO (daily method of operations)…  She was being a very busy bee!!  Quietly!!

Her teammates didn’t know that, neither her friends and family. Even some of our leaders didn’t know that. So when her biz exploded, launched forward again with great momenutm as it seemed “all of a sudden she had new teammates, new clients, all these new amazing results!”

The thing was ..  Sometimes events like that can “other folks” feel like scratching our heads as we wonder “Why does the universe seem to be falling into place for her?” It doesn’t seem that she’s doing anything at all & yet she has this stellar month! It confuses us cause we don’t notice, didn’t see, all the BACK Work she was doing every single day!


Growth & success are not linear & nothing in life is a straight line. 


I had an insider ear of what was going on within her business. Wink Wink!! I had asked her to dig deep & she had done some significant reflecting, rejuvenating, re-assessing, refocusing. She was getting settled deeply into her new purpose & passion. With her past experiences, she’d been frustrated with network marketing as she wasn’t having the success that she thought she deserved. So she came knocking at my door asking what it would take to work with me & about my online Social Retail biz opportunity.


Women, gosh, we will work our butts off, pour in time & effort &  yet sometimes it doesn’t seem like we’re moving forward! Spinning our wheels, stuck in a rut!! Things don’t come together as we had planned. Right?

The thing is … Sometimes we actually have to go against the grain. Go against expectation, challenge the normal grind!!  Instead of getting up one more time, getting all fired up & charging blindly ahead…  It’s really smart to pause, breath, once in a while pull back & retreat a little.

I’m not saying quit. I’m saying back off, cocoon a little.


When we are pushing really hard, just grinding it out, getting it done .. Whether it’s a relationship, our network marketing business, parenting or just life; You’re in the Battlefront. You’re in GO MODE,  in battle mode, fierce, feisty, front line, in the line of fire.

And when you’re in “this mode” aka headspace, it’s really hard to strategize your next move! It’s really hard to plan when you are action mode or worse.. REACTION mode right??

You have to pause & retreat!

Because Retreating is NOT Quitting. It is Pivoting!!


Two steps forward, one step back. Dad’s Chacha!! 


That’s what savvy business owners, smart women do. Whether it’s in communication with your children, everybody has to have some time off so you can come back & communicate your very best. Same thing with relationships, at work, & within your business. It’s ok to pull back. 


TIP:  Release & Forgive yourself if you have to step back. So many women have a hard time understanding that it’s ok to put a pause on a conversation if that’s what it takes for our success. Give yourself that time to think. To process, to gather clarity & strength.  When we pull back we can have some quiet time & do some brainstorming. 


You have to pull the arrow back to be able to launch it forward.


When life seems to be pushing you backwards all the time, you feel such resistance, it’s ok to step back with the flow so you can then launch yourself forward! When life becomes unruly we can usually find our own answers within ourselves, within our hearts. IF we give ourselves the opportunity!! 


Our lives change. It’s ok to say “I don’t want to be the party girl (network marketing context) anymore”, “I don’t want to go to vendor events or markets anymore, I just want something from my phone”. Your values, beliefs can change as our lives do, as our family dynamic does.  You just might find that your current job or company is not the right one for you! It just doesn’t fit anymore with your life & lifestyle.


It’s never too late to make a U-turn Pivot into what you believe might lead you to the Sunny Side of Life!


I encourage you, reach out to me, chat with your leadership or mentor, recognize that it’s ok to ask for insights & inputs. To make that list of what is important to you, what you REALLY want this industry & profession to give you.

Are you achieving that? Is it coming easily? Are you battling? Be ok with changing your game plan!


What I love about our industry of Network Marketing is there’s something out there for everybody! There is more than enough success & sushine too whatever you deem that to be.  I just want to remind you to really think about what is holding you back, what you need for your success, what can you control, where do you need help.. Taking that time to reflect & reformat can be a game changer in your life & biz!!

Just like the ChaCha, nothing is linear! Take a step back. Pause. Breath. Dance onward & upward!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering how something as simple as pulling back & retreating can often help you reset so then to push you forward! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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