What are some of the major reasons why women struggle within network marketing?  Why are some of my friends frustrated? Why do we often feel this industry is not serving us?… One of the biggest reasons is “Being Intentional” within our tasks & day!

Life happens, kids need us, family calls upon us, extra work shifts .. dare I say Netflix haha!!

I raise my hand, being candid, Life Happens to ALL of us.. None of us has immunity to “life happens”.  What we can do, is focus on what we can do!  & some day’s that in itself has to be enough as we know the sun will rise tomorrow .. A new day, a fresh start with a eager heart!

I want to share deeper insights, inspiration & solutions to The Sunny Side of Life:


I have to confess there was a time in my life when I wasn’t intentional at all in my day…

I was super passive within building my business.  Doing what the majority of us did; “The Posting & Praying”.   Sound familiar?  Hopping to Facebook group to Facebook group dropping a company promo image & link in hopes that someone might click on it, or someone might message me… Didn’t take me long to discover that “hope” is a really poor plan! And if you’re lacking to plan then you’re basically planning to fail.

I felt that there must be some kind of “Method to this Madness” as my Dad used to say…

So I started to dig.. Asking myself a few questions,

Why am I doing what I’m doing?
What are the expected results that I am anticipating from that “action”?
How can I make it better?

But again, there was this small voice, a “piece of me” inside that was still waiting for the “easy button”. You remember that Staples TV commercial that comes out at School supplies shopping time & Christmas?  “The Easy Button” ..  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one out there wanting that button!! Haha!!

I had years of ingrained bad habits of Social Media activities (time sinks) that weren’t effective, impactful or giving me results I desired.

BUT they were easy to do. Passive.


Often we’re are spending to much time on Social Media without purpose & intention… 


We want sign-ups, sales to create a positive impact. We want to serve & show up in a way that is meaningful, authentic, servant hearted helpful. But when some of us “Head to Facebook”, if we don’t have a plan or a daily method of operation, we’re just wasting our precious time.  Doing “things” without results we desire, & pitifully slow results… There are so many distractions & diversions that provide little to no results. 


Years ago, my coach asked me how I was doing with my DMO. (Daily Method of Operation, my blueprint of activities) She asked me very specific questions about my activities: “How many conversations are you having a day?”. Conversations can give us an opportunity that is amazing and stimulating both for ourselves and our friends. I remember being terrified of having a conversation because I didn’t know what to say. And I didn’t want to be weird. I remember struggling when it came to connecting with people. 


It all came down to finding a way where I could show up on Facebook & have meaningful conversations connecting with people. 


I had to discover & learn that I don’t have control of how many people will say Yes, or Maybe, or Not Now to my business, product or service.
But I DO have control of how many people I’m going to converse with, reconnect that will lead to discovering if my business, product or service could be of benefit to them. 

If we think upon this..  if we don’t know why we’re doing something, then we have no reason to do it.

So when I wrote my intentions down & listed all the activities I could monitor & control I had a purpose to do all of them.

My MOST Favorite Question I ask my self when I feel “resistance” or “distracted” , “procrastination” in my day is:


 “Is this a good use of my time?”


If you ever find yourself in scroll mode on Facebook ask yourself  “Is what I’m doing right now the best use of my time?” It is a quick “wake up call” to bring intent & purpose quickly back into alignment so you can get more done in your day & increase your desired results you seek! It can be a pain in the butt when we have to plan but we’re not planners!!


We have to know what we’re doing, why, & how.


And in conversation it has to be explained to our prospects & our new teammates. Discussing effective & ineffective “time sinks” & past passive activities. Digging into discovering “What are their goals, dreams, hopes & desires!? So then we can help build them the right “Daily Method of Operation” aka Blueprint to their day to WIN!! So they can get their desired results!

I really had much fun with this blog!  Of course, if you’ve discovered how establishing your goals & being intentional in our day  will make the greatest difference in your business then you’re more than welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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