I’m Sharing a Trade Secret! My 4-Step Biz Rocking Steps! I’ve been on the fence whether I should talk about this or not for days & days… But I’ve Just GOTTA! You know I believe there is enough success & sunshine for us ALL! So I have to share this insider goodness with you! 


This is some really powerful stuff, it’s business changing! I believe it’s the Number ONE reason why our team is growing so swiftly!!  The strategies that I’ll be sharing with you are really powerful so your prospects raise their hands gleefully, willingly & joyfully! They’ll be more than “just curious” to get the information you want to give them! They will be hungry!! 

Discover my insider tips in the following video:



You’re seeking to serve & to understand your prospects, so this little trade secret is made up of a 4-step process.


I use “this strat” for team builders, business builders & you can also use it for customer  acquisition. You may recall within my Social Retail business I have a team builder side and a customer side. It is a true dual compensation, so I get to “double-dip” on both sides depending on what that beautiful woman might need. 


The very first thing is that we’re all going to imagine that we have an amazing Facebook post. Whether you’re creating a intriguing product post or a business curiosity post. You’ll have a lot of women saying “more info” or “tell me more”. Most of us by now, know we have some amazing team or company groups for the scope of your products, for your service or team building. So when you have that great post & your friends are asking about your product,  service or biz op, you need to connect & ask them a couple of questions.

Connecting is KEY! Seek to Serve before chasing the cash! 


Step #1 We need to know Why they might be curious about your product (or biz). We need to know what their dreams are, what they’re hoping to achieve / receive (what problems or pains they are looking to solve). We seek to understand & to serve. So we have to ask questions. Let’s role play a conversation…

I would say “Hey Connie (talk to them by their name if you don’t know them really well) of course I’m happy to answer more questions! I’m curious, what are you personally looking for? Have you ever used collagen (one of my award winning products) before? I personally took it to soothe my joint aches but it turned out to really help with my hair growth!” I want to know if Connie is looking to help her skin, hair, stronger nails, knee discomfort or arthritis… What is she looking for from my product? Connect first!


Step #2 Invite & Ask. After you know what people are looking for, invite them to your appropriate Facebook group! The invitation process is critical. You have to use the right verbiage & you have to ASK them first. You need to invite them because people are auto invited to a million groups every day! No one wants to be in “another Facebook group”.

So what I say next to Connie is…  “Hey Connie! With your permission could I invite you to our own private community? I can then tag you in a post that I think will give you the exact information you’re looking for!!”   If Connie says “No Thanks, I don’t want to be in another group, can you just send it to me in messenger”.  I would reply “Of course! I totally get that”. Then I grab that URL of the Youtube video & pop it right there into messenger so they can’t miss it.


The reason why I ask for their permission is because that makes them feel special! I’m asking rather than dictating what I’m going to do!

We get told what to do all the time. We’re always being dictated to. We often don’t get a lot of choices of yes or no… So taking the time to be considerate, & use some kind language that will appease that woman’s heart & create less resistance! 


Facebook communities & groups are very powerful so that is my first option all the time.

Because, let’s be honest… Most of the time, our friends might not believe what we say or share on social media as we think that they do or should.  They often believe google more than you, so it’s important to let a Facebook group do the idea stimulation & talking for you! Allow that potential customer or biz prospects different personalities & learning styles to get curious & be served!  


Step 3. When they agree to your Facebook group or community invitation, you would then tag them in the appropriate video. You’re also going to plant the seed & say “Hey Connie you know what? There’s a lot of collagen-based stories within that group. Some people are talking about their joints discomfort & how it made them feel better. Some people are looking for more natural hair growth, so by all means check it out! Click around & scroll to your heart’s delight!” Plant the seeds of thinking, so she can & will snoop around! That is powerful! It allows women to do their natural curiosity & answer a lot of her own questions. You don’t have to do the talking or tell all the details, you allow the Facebook community to do that on your behalf!


They might even find some other products that they’re interested in! You can up your sales when you allow groups to do the talking for you!


Our notifications are crazy busy! So we often get distracted doing something else and lose some notifications.

So when you are inviting someone to a group it’s not enough to just tag them. The best way to ensure that your friend gets their invitation is to grab that FB Group URL & put it right there in the messenger chat. That way Connie won’t be able to miss it! Tell her “Here it is Connie, I know you’re crazy busy too so you can just catch it right here!”. I know then that there’s no way she can miss this invitation. 


You’ve connected, invited, tagged, & now she can access information in one quick click!! Before you leave the chat conversation, you have to promise them ONE More Thing!! 


Step 4. Promise Them. You’ll say something along the lines of “Hey Connie! I have to go & run some errands but I promise that I’ll follow up with you later tomorrow. So you’ve got some hours to check this information that you requested. I know you’ll find all kinds of wonderful stories in there & I’ll catch up with you tomorrow!”. That’s the fourth step. I’m not going to let her down after I’ve made a promise to reconnect tomorrow. Connie knows that I’ll come back & follow up. So it doesn’t seem weird & neither of us have to wonder when or if I’m going to follow up. 


Verbiage is imperative for women. WE all want to feel valued, appreciated & special.


It’s no new news to remember “Folks want to know that we are in it for them”.  I’m in the relationship business. To serve, to help!  So thinking that way, allows me to follow up the next morning with less stress!   I’ll be sure to have some amazing testimonials saved on my phone. So when I re-connect,  follow up with her I take some of those pictures & ask her… “Hey Connie! Did you see this testimonial? I know it’s similar to the story you shared, & the results you’re looking for!”  I can pop that image up at the same time that I’m following up. 


The Facebook groups are so powerful because they do the talking for us!  ALL the different stories can cover different peoples learning styles, video, written & imagery … Along with personality styles, units, files of learning & discover for those green /urchins  & everyone else of the blue /dolphins, red /sharks, & yellow /whales ect.. & if people have more questions that you’re not certain of the answer you can ask someone of your team to participate in a 3 way chat!


I really had much fun with this blog, Of course if you did too, you are welcome to  send this over to a friend in need of some amazing verbiage and ideas to grow a bigger, better and blissful business!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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