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“Too much planning makes me sick”… I heard my girlfriend say this and I was like “ahh me too!”. How to plan?… It frustrates me, distracts me, makes me beat myself up, too much planning can sometimes be a bad thing!

I’m excited to share some of these insights and tips and tricks with you guys to get to the Sunny Side of Life!


Too much work makes Jane a boring girl.


Too much structure for some people can actually cause some pain. It can cause us a lot of frustration, a lot of stagnation and it can cause us to beat ourselves up when we don’t adhere to our plans. It’s like that micromanaging momma in our head. I personally lose my flexibility and creativity. We have to remember that we can be very stubborn about our goals. Very tenacious and full of grit but we have to be flexy bendy about our methods. So sometimes too much planning doesn’t actually allow ourselves to flow with the movement of the world. 

Listen to some of my insights in this video:

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We know life is going to send us curveballs. So how can we make this better?


I’m always getting new journals, and every year I start thinking about day planners. Usually, I buy one every year and you know what?… I don’t use them! I confess I don’t use them as much as I know that I should and I still live a lot by sticky notes. Then I beat myself up if I don’t stick to my planner. If I fall off the wagon or mom and dad call and they need me I’m not sticking to my planner… and when I look at all the stuff that didn’t get done I feel guilty. 


That’s why I had to build a daily method of operation that’s flexy bendy. It had to be flexible with my crazy life, having a husband who works shifts. I just never know what is going to happen! So a lot of day planning doesn’t work for me. 


I had to separate my planning away from my execution. I can plan and re-plan and all of a sudden I spend more time planning and scheduling than executing and getting everything done. It also is not good to do too much multitasking. 


We know what our baseline activities are as network marketers.


If you have a customer base or team base we know what we have to get done. And it’s ok to ramp them up some days, and drop them down on other days depending on the level of crazy in your life. 


Forgive yourself and be flexible about your methods.


Understand that the tide goes in and out. Things are going to go up and down within our activities. So allow that to happen. Have a plan that separates when you’re going to do activities. Before I go to bed I have written down the things that are most important for tomorrow. I know what is the highest priority that has to get done first thing in the morning. That way I don’t beat myself up and I know it’s going to get done. Right after lunch, I have a period of reflection time. What has come onto my plate that is important? Which tasks do I have to deal with right now? What can be pushed till tomorrow? And what can I delegate?

I have an amazing team of empowered women. So it’s ok to reach out and ask them to lend a hand. It’s something we’re allowed to do. So think about your team key players that you can ask to help out, especially if you’re working through a lot. 

Remember that sometimes, when we beat ourselves up mentally is because we set overly ambitious goals and actually set ourselves up for failure. So it’s ok to allow yourself to move through that. Don’t allow that to be demoralizing or discouraging. Just get flexible. 


There are those people that actually thrive in having that freedom.


Highly creative people have a hard time being hardcore planners. We have to allow ourselves that creativity. It’s ok to understand plans are going to change. Ideas and inspirations are going to come and go. Sometimes having a bit of a loser schedule will allow more creativity to come into your world! You can then think of fresh ideas to plan your content. You give yourself downtime to think about things. 


I’m not one of those women that have their content planned for their next 30 days. There are women that know what they’ll be posting 3 weeks from now. I’m not like that and it’s ok. My best content comes from conversations that I have with women every single day. So if we’ve given ourselves our time to explore new ideas we can create better content. 


The occasional set back should not stop you from continuing the journey and accomplishing your goals. It will just be a little bit different, and it’s ok to be different! That’s why I love network marketing! There’s a fit out there for everybody. There’s something that will fit your crazy tribe. So don’t give up! Your planning might be different than mine. It’s ok to flex and bend!

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