I had a message this morning and it really took me by surprise, and I want to share a little bit about why I struggled with it! I want to share some insights just so you guys can break the “Hey Girl” rut and the old patterns to build a better and brighter business!


Get out of that same old same old business building practices that were very popular in 2013. This is something that I did and I want to share why it didn’t work for me. At that time I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But I had to take some reflection of what was working and what wasn’t working for my business.


Catch some of my deeper insights in this video: 


Tips and insights from past mistakes (why the “Hey Girl” is ineffectual):


1.  When I get messages that say like “Hey girl…” more often than not I’m getting prospected and a lot of the time they’re prospecting me about my own niche products. So before you go to prospect someone, make sure they’re NOT in your same niche! There’s a lot of different makeup, skincare or wellness companies, so if you just say “hey girl” and you don’t even know that person is in the same niche you might actually piss them off. You are being unclassy cause you haven’t even taken the time to check their page before you send them a message. You’re going to turn people off and make them grumpy! Don’t recruit in your own backyard.


2.  We’ve seen the “Hey Girl!” before. “I’m looking for 5 new girls this month, only five and you are special because I sent you this message”… We’ve seen and heard this before. It’s like driving to town on the same road over and over again and the same billboards are there. We become immune to the message. It’s not personalized at all. “Hey girl, hey sugar, hey sweetheart…”. Some people might take the time to say “no thank you” but most of them will just ignore you. That’s sad because you can see that they saw your message and they’re not even replying. It creates an uncomfortable situation. You can never follow up if you never got an answer in the first place. You cannot bridge to the next part of the conversation.


Now, more than ever, facebook is so populated and when you say “hey girl” they recognize it’s not personal.


You have a name and they didn’t even take the time to type it out and erase the honey, sugar or girlfriend part. That burns the wrong way! It makes you feel like part of a hundred cuts and copies out there.  


3.  Be inclusive and inviting. Make someone feel special. If you’re just getting crickets on your messages you know the messages you’re using are not working right for you. I had to do some reflection within my business of what was working and what wasn’t. And that copy-pasting messages wasn’t working. The experts are now calling it Repelling Marketing, because it’s not being received well. It’s creating resistance in our conversations and frustrations within your connections.


How can you message people and be more classy? Create connections and conversations following these advice:


Use permission marketing. It begins with saying “Hey Britney! I know it’s been ages since we chatted but there’s some special things going on in my world. How is it going for you?”. And when she would respond to you it’s like “my life is great! What’s new with you?”. That is permission marketing. They’ve opened the door where you can lightly share. You didn’t spam or cut and copy any messages. This means you can have an actual conversation. 


If you had a person using attraction marketing, where they reacted to one of your posts. You used curiosity and intrigue and have women who raised their hands for some information but are not ready right now to buy you can offer raffles or giveaways to re-engage. If that person reacted to your post you can reach out and say “Hey Britney! Was that heart-reaction because you are curious about what I’m doing? Or are you just being an amazing cheerleader in my life?”. Whatever the answer you get you can thank them for engaging with you and let them know if you ever have any challenges or raffles you’ll ask their permission to be included. 


Doing things a little bit different can get you some amazing results. Only by connecting in conversations can you seek to understand so you can serve!


I really hope you start to realize that the old patterns are not so efficient anymore, people want real connections and with the new Facebook algorithms changing it’s time to get into the new and more personal ways to connect with people. Try to reach and make deeper relationships!

If you’d like you can definitely share this forward to a friend in need of ways to connect! Share some goodness!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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