I thought this was the perfect topic to dig into, especially with “Vacation” season upon us… How to re-start & kick-start your Facebook algorithms, rebuild your FB audience, have them get back & engaging in what’s going on in your life & biz when you’ve taken a break or a holiday!

Sometimes life happens, many of us take a break from Facebook. Whether it could be a sickness or an illness within the family or a death. Sometimes we just take a break from social media just to have some reflection & re-alignment of what is going on within our businesses. It’s not just holidays & vacations. It’s really important to take a few premeditative steps before we jump back into Facebook when we’re building a business, using Facebook as a tool.

In a few days from now, when you’re going to post something about your amazing business, your product or service, WE WANT ALL Eyeballs on YOU!!

There’s no use of posting if you haven’t rebuilt the connections, conversations, social awareness & Facebook hasn’t been “Re-Awakened”.

Catch my deeper insights in my video & keep reading!



If we take these few steps the world will move wonderfully in your favor!


  1. If you’ve been gone awhile take a moment to re-introduce yourself. Take a moment to explain what you do, who you are & what you have to offer. You want to share who you serve & what your passions are. On your vacations you’ve likely made new friendships and connections, even if you haven’t been really active. So it’s good to take a moment to do an extra-long introduction when you do your Facebook lives. Or a post saying something like “Hey, It’s Been Awhile, Say Hello!!” 


2. Remember that if you’re on holiday it’s ok to remember more than ever that less is more when it comes to Facebook. Right now FB values original content, quality over quantity. If your normal posting pattern is two or three times a day & now you’re posting one time a day or every other day, that’s totally ok. Less is more. People are going to be watching you especially if you’re on holiday. They’re living vicariously through you. And it’s ok to have some fun, live a little larger & more present, step away from the phone.


3. When we do get home, you have to remember that this is like after Christmas, especially when we want to rebuild our visibility, social community connections. We have to remember to “go play” where our friends are “hanging out” before we start doing a whole bunch of posting. We have to give a lot (comments, group contributions, conversations ect) before we can expect reciprocations.

You know where your friends are; they hang out on Facebook groups & pages, they’re in the chats. Go back & reconnect with your team. Address any issues that have happened while you were gone. You know where your highest population of friends are, so go chat with everybody & add lots & lots of value!

When I came back from my vacation I had a fresh new blog post to share. I worked on it before leaving, so when arriving home it was ready to be published. So I had some great new value to share. I also created a little freebie give a way word document FULL of tips to better FB Lives. It’s very important to reconnect with the people that were engaging with you. Sift & sort who’s still hanging around, give appreciation, gratitude, have meaningful conversations with them.


We have to follow Facebook’s rules of engagement.


If WE want to WIN using this mostly-free tool, our personal profile is a fabulous way to build an amazing business but we have to use their rules. These are “Giving more than what we expect to get” and go and be social. Give more of everything. Let your friends know that you’re home.


4.  It’s a must to have ENERGY. Our posts, imagery, content, copywriting have to be full of high energy, feel good & uplifting emotion. That’s what women connect with. That’s what women will engage with. Whether it’s a short, powerful engaging post, or a longer story that’s going to have women feel that a-ha moment of connection with you.

Share tips, tricks, appreciation, give more cheer & empowerment. That’s where women are going to feel your good energy, & where we’re inspired to connect. That’s the bridge of emotion.


Use my favorite ‘e’ words. Entertaining, enlightening, energetic, encouraging, educating.


I do different types & styles of posts because before anyone replies to your content or asks you a question about your business or products they have to connect with you. And that comes from the energy & the emotion. Thinking about this, before we can expect to receive anything, we have to give. That’s just how the world works!
Before we seek the cash, we have to look for the connection.

Seek to serve & understand before we intent to ever make a sale or market a product or your service!

Be Raw, Relatable & Real!!

I really hope you enjoyed my some best tips on how to “wake up” your Facebook audience after a break!  Make sure you’re doing everything possible to make deeper meaning full connections!  Share your hopes, fears and experiences and open yourself up to reach more people! If you want you can definitely share this forward to a friend in need! Share some goodness!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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