One hundred percent online or belly 2 belly business?..hmmm.. Is there such a thing as a blend? A yin-yang balance of building businesses within network marketing?…


What I do love about online and social media is that there are no boundaries or borders. You can listen to me wherever you are in the world! Which is kind of crazy!

Take a look at this video to get further insight:


In this beautiful business that we call Network Marketing, there’s enough sunshine and success for us all.


Some of you know that I came into this industry as a late bloomer. Meaning my mid-40’s (I’m going to be 52) but prior to me becoming a network marketer and getting into this industry I was everyone’s best customer. I always bought my friend’s stuff even if I didn’t need it just because I loved them. I was just a cheerleader within other women’s lives. Women are usually natural encouragers and empowerers. We just love to help women to what we call the Sunny Side of Life!


I think it’s a fantastic thing that no matter when you want to get involved in this industry, there’s a place and space for you! There are so many different business models out there, there’s something for all of us. The funny thing is that even though I was a late bloomer I was always looking for the right fit for me. Most women have been in at least 4 different companies before they finally found “the one”. 


This week has been a big discussion within my team talking about online or belly 2 belly. It’s not that one’s better than the other, they’re just different. We don’t all like the same things. There’s something out there for everybody and it’s ok!


There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s what works best for you. 


In the beginning, I had a crazy life and thought I couldn’t fit in an industry like the ones I joined first. The way I was taught to lead my business was against my values and beliefs. I felt uncomfortable so I wasn’t showing up in my best. I didn’t feel like myself and when this happens we cannot express ourselves in our best ways. 


In my very first businesses, we did do some parties, and in the beginning, it was actually quite exciting for me to get out of the house and attend my girlfriend’s house parties. It was nice getting ready and dolled up, leaving the kids, and going out of the house. Unfortunately, about the same time, there was a turn in my life. I was working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet so evening outs weren’t going to cut it. I was working at night and if I wasn’t I wanted to be home with my kids. 


Parties no longer were it. And I was actually losing money going to parties because of the fuel costs. I also had to pay a babysitter… so I wasn’t making money. These parties very quickly became non-existent for me. 


My personality is also an introvert-extrovert. So I can be in front of the camera doing a live video, and then I need to go back to my couch and relax with my favorite blankets. I can be social but then I need to scale it back for a while. I love building online because I am a successful introvert-extrovert. That’s part of my crazy personality! And that’s ok! And I know there are more people like me out there. We are a lot more common than what you think. 


For me having that time control of when I feel bold, confident, and brave and can be attacking the keyboard with love, and when I can step away and do something in the kitchen means everything! I can work and then step away. That’s perfect yin yang for an introvert-extrovert. 


Working online gives me 100% control.


With my crazy family life, my husband working night shifts, and my parents needing me as their driver, I never know when they will need me. So their needs wouldn’t suit me to do belly to belly. I can’t do parties or weekend markets. 


When I did markets in my previous businesses, I can’t even count how much money I lost! They’re great outings if that’s what you love to do. But if you’re in this business to make an income then vendor events and mailing out samples will not work. I love my mailman but I don’t want to have to see him every couple of days! Nor do I find that as a good use of my time. 


I took a two-year break from MLM. I didn’t want to do the cut and copy paste messages (we know how that went for me… not good!). Also, I didn’t want to reach out and contact people I hadn’t talked to in 20 years. That was against my introverted nature and made me very uncomfortable. Belly to belly wasn’t feasible. So when I came into online marketing, and into a business that was 100% online I was still very nervous.


It took me weeks to make a decision: online or belly 2 belly? So if it takes you weeks to ask me questions about what is social retail it’s perfectly ok!  


What I discovered is that building a business online I have faster growth. I can leverage Facebook groups (they are awesome!) and can pinpoint down on the search bar my favorite passion and interests and can find my type of people! I can find my tribe at the click of a moment! 


Knowing that we have units and all kinds of training online for different personality styles and different learning styles makes it a very powerful thing. I don’t have to match everyone’s learning styles. I can lead with my strengths and passions and have other people with different strengths and we mingle. Belly to belly it might be harder to coordinate that many people to a meeting, or hop on to a 3-way call, or to go to an evening presentation for a business. It’s not duplicatable and not easy anymore to get a family together for thanksgiving! So it’s harder for people to make that commitment to a business meeting anymore. 


So many people like the vendor events, that’s their way and they love it! It suits them. But other people want online. They want that control and that time. They want to leverage other people and other learning styles at the click of a button.


You can either choose online or belly 2 belly, but be sure you are happy with your decision and that it gives you results!


I love both sides, but right now I’m a 100% online girl, I didn’t want the parties anymore. I love using today’s technology tools within social media. No more begging friends and family to buy your stuff… It’s 2020 and it’s time to get with the times online! 

I really hope you make the right choice for your lifestyle. We need to join and be part of a team that suits our needs. What you wanted a few years ago might not be aligned to your current lifestyle anymore, so be sure to do an introspective check… you might want to switch your business model!

Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a lady friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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