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How can we show up bigger and braver within our businesses? How can we shop up raw, more relatable and more real but still feel protected and brave? And not just for your business, but also for your relationships, your job, your spouse and your family. It comes in to way more than just our network marketing businesses.

How can we show up in ways that help us stand out and shine online? How can we show up and be that person that is different from everybody else? When women are looking for a new product or business, how are you positioning yourself to be bolder online so you’ll stand out? What armor, what protection do you need within yourself so you’re not feeling scared, weak, or nervous?

Listen to some of my tips and solutions in the following video:


It is all about feeling stronger and sometimes we need that help!

When we can show up in ways that are real and relatable and raw, we get to have the most amazing conversations. And we can share our real content online, whether it’s a live video or a morning post.

We need to drop that mask and stop pretending because that old saying: ‘fake it till you make it’… is not true! Take off that mask of perfection to make deeper connections, while still remaining ALL YOU.


Think about what you need in your world, and what’s at your fingertips that can make you feel stronger and braver… Don your Armor!


For me, there’s a couple of things that helped. The first one was back in 2017, when I decided to say YES to social retail (after almost a 2 year break). It took a lot of courage to do that again, and the very first thing that helped was a video by Amy Cuddy, a Ted Talk that she did. It’s about the superwoman or superman pose, along with some other exercises and that helped me get bigger and bolder. I would actually go over the window and do the poses facing the sunshine and took some deep breaths. That was the first part of me putting some strength into me. That was my armor that I was doning so I could come forward and be able to share some Facebook Live ideas with you guys.

Your armor to get you through your day or through your job could be having or attending a service, some people are religious and spiritual, and some people are not. Yours could be having a blanket across your lap, or your grandma’s scarf. It could be an article of clothing from your loved ones. Your armor could be having a magic pen, or some earrings, or a specific color on your lips. It could be a coffee mug, or anything that is going to make you feel bigger, braver, bolder and stronger! What is YOUR armor? Do whatever it takes so you can show up and have that ability to make greater connections with people.


Craft your content with love, fill yourself with gratitude so you can show up brighter!


Your armor could also be your Facebook community. Maybe they help you be more creative! It can also help to listen to some music or watch some videos of pep talks by amazing women.

That’s why so many people enjoy working online! Because it’s fabulous for shy people and for introverts because they can type to their heart’s delight! But when they feel that they need to take a break, or that they’ve given a lot of their energy then they can step back. They could never handle going to a vendor’s event because they’d feel awkward. But they’re allowed to be social on Facebook. They can still show up their authentic self and at the same time feel protected by being able to step away from the keyboard. I love being able to help support my team that way!

I love digging deeper into what it takes to show up feeling stronger and to be able to be more authentic and make a meaningful connection with another human being, and eventually discover that they are hungry for what you offer without pushing people away!


Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a lady friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

P.S. I often get asked; Roxanne when you are not being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives, sharing sparks of joy and insights; what else do you have going on? Well … I have a blooming business within Social Retail 🙂 Don’t know what Social Retail and the power of Social Marketing is? My Sunny Side of Life details can be best explained here;

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