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I have to ask you, have you ever been in a situation when your hand just hovers over that button that says “block” ‘delete and goodbye’; and the thought of blocking someone felt kind of good, bad, scary or made you nervous?


I feel so compelled to share some learnings because I didn’t realize that so many of you guys might be going through the same pains, problems, trials and tribulations:

I know when I was going through my dark days of depression, sometimes it was my Facebook friends that were the only light and love of my day! 

Fast Forward many years, my block list has gotten actually quite large. And it’s not because I get joy out of blocking or deleting people. Neither because I don’t want to help as many people as I can to what we call the Sunny Side of Life! It’s because some people are just angry, full of negativity, with endless drama. I’m just not the teacher for them, and that’s ok! Not everyone’s ray of sunshine is going to match with somebody else’s. 


Sometimes it’s ok to remember that we’re not in kindergarten anymore, where we HAVE to be everybody’s best friend. Sometimes it’s ok to have closure and say goodbye.


I’m going to give you guys some signs and some tips so it might be easier to have some closure in your life!


1.The first question you should ask yourself: Is there someone in my circle that when I decide that I’m going to post something on Facebook or create a live video, you feel that you can’t even show up as your true authentic self? Because you’re worried about what they might think? Or what they might do with your content? Maybe they’re going to be a copycat and snatch it up and re-purpose it or re-market it.

 It’s time to block people when they’re impeding your ability to show up in your real natural self.

When you’re hesitant, and not showing up with your bubbly self, and not showing up in a way that your audience gets every little bit of your empowerment and sunshine.

You’re scared that someone will cut and copy and paste themselves into your identity. You already had a conversation with them. You told them that you’ve noticed that their content looks similar to yours but plagiarism is not cool. You appreciate them using you as inspiration but you encourage them to write their own material and reword it their own way. If they don’t get that message, then definitely it’s time to say goodbye! It’s time to block these people! 


2.If the person is so filled with drama and negativity, that causes you anxiety and stress before your fingers can hit the keyboard. Then it is definitely time to block them. It’s not helping you in any way and it’s stiffening something within yourself and your audience will feel that something isn’t right.

Other women are very in tune with how we show up, so we have to show our Real Self!


3.If you’ve got that weird vibe, it’s ok to let them go. Trust your gut, and your instincts. We all get some weird vibes with certain people. Especially if they are of their opposite sex or their profile looks a bit sketchy and you get that stalker vibe. Do yourself a favor and block them! It is ultimately about healing ourselves. “Out of sight, out of mind”. 


This is YOUR business, it’s imperative that you show your true and authentic self so you can educate, enlighten and inspire women so they will want to approach you about your product, or business or opportunity. Especially if you’ve expressed your boundaries in a professional and classy way. The people that you are blocking were not likely to ever join your business or buy your products. They were never a cheerleader in your life and were never going to help you!


When it comes to family and friends, or close relatives, some people are very uncomfortable with blocking them.

But there is a little button that says “unfollow” or “see less of”. So they’re not showing up in your newsfeed unless you purposely go to their page, you’ll never see their drama or negativity and you can breathe again! 


It’s a personal level of healing and it’s actually our responsibility to take action! The situation isn’t going to change, and that person isn’t going to change, so we have to take part in that break-up. Blocking that person instead of building more stress, anxiety and fret. We know where our thoughts go our energy flows! We want our positive energy and good vibes to be spread around! 

I really hope you stop feeling guilty or nervous about blocking people who are making you feel down. Our social feed has to be filled with empowering people who make you feel better, not worse! Embrace the woman that you are and let it shine through in every aspect of your life! 

Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a lady friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

P.S. I often get asked; Roxanne when you are not being a “Cheerleader” in all women’s lives, sharing sparks of joy and insights; what else do you have going on? Well … I have a blooming business within Social Retail 🙂 Don’t know what Social Retail and the power of Social Marketing is? My Sunny Side of Life details can be best explained here;

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