Almost every company out there has opportunity calls… no matter where you are! 


So many people don’t know the power of them. I want to share some tips of WHY they work, HOW to invite people, WHAT you need to teach your team, and if you are an honored guest there are some tips for you too in the following video:

I love opportunity calls for a couple of reasons: 


1. It leverages our time. Knowing our time is the most precious commodity in the world. Especially if you have kids, or you have work or a husband. Opportunity Calls work because people will listen to your stories at the right time. That right story will strike a chord within a woman’s heart. 

Often your story doesn’t exactly correlate with your prospect’s experiences. So by exposing them to an opportunity call, to someone else’s story, that just might do the trick!


Allow someone else to be in the spotlight and take some stress off of yourself!

Let someone else do the work on your behalf. It seems crazy but it’s the teamwork that makes the dreamwork. Delegating and sharing is a strength, not a weakness. It’s a skill that we need to master and understand the power of. 


2. Your friends don’t believe you. I know this is crazy but they just don’t. They love you but often they’re going to believe someone from google more than you. Our friends would love to hear another person and have a third-party validation. They want to hear that someone else has gotten through the same trials and tribulations. That’s why opportunity calls let you provide information from someone else’s experience, so your friends can have those “Aha moments”.

Allow someone else to take the reigns for you. You can obviously be present in the call and message them all along. You want to create the energy and emotions with the people so they can realize you’ve been right all along! Your friends don’t always believe you as much as you think they do. They need that third-party validation. It’s not just you and them. 


The right team and the right opportunity can make a difference in a woman’s life.


We can try and find the right click so they can blossom. Allow your friends that opportunity. Whether they decide to join your team or they just get something out of it. They’re still going to leave feeling good because they’ve learned some things. We’re looking to feel empowered and passionate and women always want new and fresh knowledge!


I don’t think people use opportunity calls enough. 


Teach your team. Teach them how to invite people. If I just tell my team there’s a call on Saturday, they won’t do anything. Maybe 1 out of 10 might. We need to get your prospects informed about the call. So you need to teach your team what they have to do. They need the how-to steps. That way they’ll be more likely to do it and get results. And as a leader you’ll have the opportunity to help someone else. 


You can empower people to use stories, polls, questions, facebook lives and messenger. Also, you can suggest to your team to share their deepest concerns or worst fears. You can also talk about your personal frustrations and let people know about the next opportunity call, that will be addressing all these concerns. 

Empower people with information. Let them know they are free to join or to listen to the re-play. 


Have your team do a Facebook Live with a call to action at the end! Do a poll and ask people to let you know if they want more information. Always put emotion and energy!


Do a brainstorming session or even a team strategy call. You can also create moments of connections of having secret hopes. People are filled with hope and dreams, so talk about those. People are more willing to do an activity when they’re going to feel good about it. Plan those in conversations to be discussed.


If you’ve ever been invited to be a guest speaker I have some tips for you:

It is totally fabulous to be excited. You should be over the moon with joy! Mentors, coaches, family, and friends have poured into you your entire life, and now you have an opportunity to pour into other people!


I get to help so many women get that inside on what’s going on within our industry on social retail. So if you’ve been invited to be a guest come to the table with gratitude and honor. Write down a few short notes. Most calls are around 15-20 minutes, they won’t give you a lot of time so pick one or two things. You can’t share your WHOLE story. Pick the most special, the things that will inspire and connect the most with other women. Help them make the best decision for themselves and their families. 


I really hope you start noticing the power of Oportunity Calls, they’re a fantastic tool when you’re trying to make deeper connections! Share your hopes, fears and open yourself up to reach more people! Let someone else share the spotlight and take some stress off of yourself!

You are most definitely allowed to share this forward to a friend in need! Share some goodness!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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