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I want to share with you guys why we don’t want to talk about money on the front side on Facebook. Why I don’t post money type images or why I don’t talk about money posts or make income statements. 


Catch my insights in this video:


This isn’t just about my team in social retail, I love teaching and sharing different ideas that I’ve been applying for years and that it’s making a significant difference for my team members. 


First of all, we know the salesy posts, we’ve seen them over the years with people that talk money on facebook or any other social media. They show money and post things like “Earn 500 dollars before the holidays” “$2k in your first month, guaranteed!”. They monetize and engage money and it’s all flash and flare. So I want to share with you guys that there’s actually a clause within Facebook that when you show amounts of money, and you are claiming earning potential it’s actually against Facebook policy. So I don’t want you guys getting tossed in the Facebook jail! I know there’s some teams out there that are promoting this type of posting, but to be honest it’s salesy, spammy and you’re going to be drawing the wrong people to you!


I’m more about following my natural nuances and tendencies when it comes to posting in my business. And I don’t believe that leading with money on the front side is going to benefit you in the long run. 


We can’t be making claims that you can 100% guarantee somebody. Your upline might be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars and we don’t know how long they’ve been building their business and their network. They just might have come across into the right place at the right time, combined with their past of trials and tribulations. Remember that making those kind of income claims is going to be pulling certain people to you that might not be the right ones, and it might not be duplicatable for them and it’s going to cost YOU some headaches!


Let’s step up the game a little bit and treat it with this kind and generous heart that I know you sisters have! 


The other main reason I want to share these ideas with you is because it often comes along and brings a bad vibe. Some women and men, when we think about money and our past experiences, positive or negative, our family influences all those kind of things. They can sometimes stir up some bad thoughts and feelings. We would all love to have more money in our lives but we don’t want to be greedy or selfish. It creates sometimes uncomfortable conversations and they’re going to see this in your Facebook and will give them the hibbie jibbies. And we don’t want that! We want to be able to build meaningful relationships and talk about things that really matter to us. 


When we talk money on Facebook, “Earn 500 for the holidays” you’re actually going to be pushing some people away from you! You’re going to be repelling people because they’re uncomfortable with those types of posts. It’s not our place to form decisions and thoughts in other women’s minds. Especially negative ones! My opinion doesn’t matter in your hopes and dreams. So if I’m placing my opinion to earn 500 before the holidays it means nothing to you! I don’t want to come across as greedy or selfish and needy!


How can we be posting in ways that are actually positive? Remember that whatever women really want within this business is to feel good! Whatever feels good to you. Knowing that my opinion matters zilch compared to your wants and needs. 


We have our own hopes and dreams, and I know for myself when I was pulled to this industry I had already gone to every party out there and bought everybody’s products just because I love my sisters or my best friends and I was there to support them and cheer them on! I wasn’t looking for money within this industry, I was earning good money in my corporate job but what I was looking for was to connect with women and create emotional bonds and meaningful conversations! So what I lead with is that all women want to feel good and it begins with a sense of belonging, and a sense of community and sisterhood. Sometimes we also want to break free of the past identities, maybe come out of your divorce, or you past job… you’re looking for something of your own! Building a tribe that’s yours!


I never thought I would ever be seen as a compassionate leader, yet I’m finding myself moving into this role, but it’s my way. It’s not an A type personality leadership role, it’s my nuances and my values and beliefs.


I get to have something of my own, which is really important in today’s world! You’re more than your job!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed discovering some of the reasons why I don’t lead with money. I want your happiness and success and for you to start thinking about things a little different so you can get results! It’s not your job to place money opinions and thoughts upon someone else! Help them where they are and teach them, train them, and have some fun! Let them grow into it!

Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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