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Whether you’re 45 or 55 this is going to make you laugh, what NOT to wear after 50! Let’s get back in the game that we call life!


What I’m thinking about most of all is that by the time you’re 50 there’s a lot of things that you shouldn’t give a flying rats about! Like what other people think about what we should or should not be wearing! When we’re 50 it’s time to recognize to stop wearing the opinions and thoughts of what other people think we should or shouldn’t be doing. Isn’t it time to start getting comfortable with the woman that you are? Let her out? Even if that means ruffling a few feathers along the way. I just want you guys to remember that those people that you’re ruffling their feathers, you’re making them uncomfortable and #1 They were probably never a real cheerleader in your life to begin with. #2 They weren’t going to join your business or purchase your products anyway, so what does it matter? You’re 50! 


It’s time that we stop consulting the articles of what color lipstick we should wear, whether matte or gloss. Keep the black eyeliner, go with the royal blue! Color your hair! Wear what makes you feel sexy, confident, strong and brave and brush the rest off to the sides! 


As you are full of life and love, feeling happy, powerful and strong… that’s what you should be focusing on after 50! 


What I truly believe women who are 50 should no longer wear:


1.Stop wearing the weight of the world. We need to stop thinking that we have to do it all. Be it all. Carry it all. Be that people pleaser or yes mom, that superwoman. Maybe it’s time to push off some of the weight of the world and the burdens that you’ve been carrying. It’s time to forgive ourselves for past errors! You’re human! 

If by this age you haven’t been able to forgive yourself and release that weight it’s now definitely time to let it go. When we’re feeling comfortable with the woman that we are it makes us more powerful!


2.Stop wearing shame and regret. I think that it’s time for us to really recognize that by now we have to have found a way to get past that. What are you going to do today? It’s a perfect day to have a fresh new beginning! You can release all the shame and regret and sorrow because ultimately they just make us feel all sad, they bring back memories that are no longer applicable to our world. It’s time to stop, release it and say YES to the lipgloss, to that dress, to the eyeliner! 


3.Stop wearing rose-colored glasses. You know who you are! Wearing that mask of perfection, those rose-colored glasses that are going to make the world seem brighter and better place… Sometimes we just have to suck it up! Handle and deal with what’s in front of you! Going around the swamp ain’t going to help us, sometimes you just gotta walk through it and get through it. How deep is the mud? It depends… But it really sucks when you wear those rose-colored glasses. They are just blurring your reality. The only time you might need some glasses it’s when you need sunglasses to get through the day! Deal with what’s in front of you right here and right now!


4.Stop wearing that stiff upper lip. There is a time to suck it up and be strong and have that stiff upper lip but it can’t be worn all the time! It creates this lines and wrinkles on your mouth and forehead and we don’t always have to be that stoic. Let your fun side out! Get a little wild and crazy! Get dancing with the music! It doesn’t matter what kind of song they play, it matters how you’re going to get through it! Maybe we don’t always have to wear our hearts on our sleeves but at least that’s a softer look, so the stiff upper lip needs to be dropped. 


5.Stop wearing so many hats. I know if I start trying to wear too many hats I just go crazy! It’s really easy to forget what hat you should be wearing and you get lost. Now more than ever it’s totally ok to embrace the sisterhood and the talents and strengths of the side sisters around you! I get so much help with stuff! I am not doing it all, I have helpers. There is nothing wrong with asking for help within our businesses. Whether in the same industry niche or not, it’s ok to stop wearing so many hats and thinking we have to do all and carry everything. We are all really great at certain things and OK at others. 

We’re not getting any younger and it’s totally ok to let some things go. Let the specialists do what they do, and you rock out what YOU rock out!


BONUS: as we age I’ve noticed that (I’m kidding here) but I have quite a RBF (Resting Bitch Face). When I’m watching TV my kids and husband ask me if I’m mad! When you’re in public or taking a picture, be attentive to your facial expressions! Are you accidentally pushing people away and look like you are a total b… cause we’re not! Sometimes we get too inner dwelling and we let that face out! We forget to smile with our eyes. We want to be welcoming and have some fun with our face! Our kids are mostly grown so we don’t have to give them that mother stare! We can have some fun!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed and had a laugh discovering some things we really shouldn’t mind after we turn 50! Embrace the woman that you are and let it shine through in every aspect of your life! And remember to have some fun! 

Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a lady friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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