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Some women are beginning to feel lost in this marketing space we call social media. They’re feeling like a blur among all these masses of other marketers. They’re feeling like they’re not being heard or seen. There are some ways to become more memorable! To Stand Out and Shine Online. To be that woman that people think about when they look for someone to help them when they have problems or pains.


You are that person who can have a positive impact and be memorable!


They’re going to remember and reach out to you for your products, services or opportunities! Be that taller tree standing in the forest!


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Let’s hop into 8 Tips that will definitely help you be memorable! 


1. Create that stamp of recognition to differentiate yourself from the norm. Come up with a very unique way of describing yourself, what you do and your background! Come up with a type of elevator speech, introduce yourself and who you are so people will remember you. When it comes to Facebook we have a little space called intro that allows us to create a connection point so when women come to your page and check you out, you can immediately have something that is different than the norm. You can have your own tagline! Something that is different. 

Have a symbol or an icon that represents you! For me it’s a sunflower! Choose something that represents YOU!


2. Pay attention to people. I can tell when I’m talking to my kids on the telephone if they’re doing something else. So when I take a client call I step away from the computer, put my back to the television and give my 100% attention to that phone call. You have to talk to people like they are the only person in the room! If you’re face to face keep that eye contact and pay attention to only them. They’re going to feel respected, special and important. And you have just made a positive impact and impression in that person. 


3. When you’re in a social situation, even if it’s in social media you have to have manners. Some people seem to think they can throw manners away, and that’s definitely not the case. When someone says how’s it going on Facebook give them a full response, talk about an anecdote of your day that they can relate to. Ultimately within conversations, we are looking to create connection points! We want to share emotions and feelings!


When you’re meeting a new person it is all about creating those emotional connections through conversations or how we are writing our posts or the pictures we take, how we show up online. 


4. Give out compliments. They have to be genuine. If you see an amazing photo or something different give out a compliment! It can be about her outfit, about her skills, her hairdo… give out meaningful comments! And make them more than a sentence. If you were to give a real compliment to a person on the street it wouldn’t just be “you look great!” You would give details! That way you can create a lasting memorable impression. 


5. Use people’s correct names. When you’re answering someone don’t say girlfriend, sister, unless you are used to talking to them. Always use their names, with the correct spelling. Find a way to remember their stories. It’s those details in today’s day and age that are getting more rare. So you’ll be remembered for it!


6. We have to focus on finding a way to let your crazy light shine. Don’t dilute your spark and shine. Allow that to come through! People will connect more deeply if you’re being your true, raw, real and authentic self! Whatever that is to you! Allow that to shine deeper! Even if that means you ruffle some feathers. Allow yourself to express what’s really going on in your mind and your heart. Focus on what makes you different and share more of that! It’s those broken little bits that someone else might be able to connect with! Show the REAL You!


Be bolder and braver and you’re going to be remembered!


Don’t be afraid to be controversial or talk about touchy-feely subjects, that’s what will help you be memorable!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it as the struggle is real when it comes to feeling invisible in social media! Of course, if you found some value you are welcome to share this forward to a friend or co-worker in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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