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Let’s talk about the “Power of Testimonials”, creating validation, of using our stories (& others) within our marketing businesses. Whether you’re in Network Marketing or in other aspects of this amazing profession (health, fitness & wellness coaching, beauty, life coach, business coach, etc). I love to stir up the pot a little bit sometimes & share some ideas from my perspective so women can relate, understand, create amazing conversations about what’s going on.  The baby steps of beginning to apply Testimonials within their business! Because believe, I know “there’s enough success and sunshine out there in the world for all of us!”


There’s such power in testimonials.


Using social validation & success stories is pretty low stress. Especially if you’re new, the less stress the better! Right? So why do they really work? It’s because they’re applicable in any aspect within our industry! They’re applicable for products, to your business model, if you’re in different facets of coaching & empowering women… They help us FEEL! They help us RELATE! Women are touchy-feely creatures, we want to be able to imagine, to picture, we want that emotional energy because that connects us! That’s why testimonials work.

You don’t even need your own testimonials. We are ALL storytellers.  We are told stories by our grandparents, aunties, or our mom and dad. Stories and testimonials don’t have to be YOUR experience, it can be someone else’s positive experiences, success & results. 


Catch & enjoy my deeper insights here in this video:




How can we share testimonials in a non-salesy “spammy” way?

We know that we don’t want to “offend” anybody! We don’t want to “push” anyone away!  You know there are women out there that would love to have better skincare, there are women that are looking for comfy leggings, there are women that want to lose 20 pounds or more. There are millions of women wanting what you have right now! We just have to find a way to CONNECT with them in ways that appeal to them!  The very first way is for friends and family that maybe don’t know that you have a network marketing business.


My first favorite “low stress” way to begin that conversaion is “Was it you?”


This is great with people that don’t know about your product or company. “Was it you?” is a great way to bridge into a conversation, lead into a story or testimony!  A girlfriend reached out & shared the deeper benefits of “liquid collagen” with me… & I remember wanting to share this with a friend so I asked her..  “Hey Jennifer, was it you that was complaining about your aches and pains? About your joints causing you problems?”

This is ultra effective low stress way to bridge into conversation ESPECIALLY if you know specifically that she’s struggling with these problems. You can plant the seeds,  craft the question; 

“Was it you that was asking me about what I was going to do to get my body back in health?”

“I can’t recall, was it you who was complaining about how those leggings fit last week?”

“Was it you who mentioned to me that you have a winter destination escape, wanted to lose that 7 lbs gained after the holidays?”

When you ask it in that way they can either say yes or no and then you’ll get to share a testimony (or not). “Yeah cause my girlfriend was just talking about this liquid collagen stuff and I started to take it and absolutely love it!” “My friend just shared with me this system because I gained some weight over the holidays and I wanted to get my body back on track,” You can use this for skin, healthcare, homecare, jewelry, clothes…


The second way is the lead-in question.


When it comes to using testimonials sometimes you want to lead into asking your friend for a tip. I know so often I have girlfriends that say “Yeah I was thinking about going back to the gym, do good to my body”. So I plainly ask them “Are you doing anything this fall? Are you going to join the gym? Do you have any suggestions or ideas?” Ask them and you’ll find out if they’re interested or open to doing something and then you can lead into it!

WE would never ever want to offend anybody by saying “Hunny you could use losing 20 pounds that you gained last year!” Even if they complained about it to yuo!  You CAN’T say those kinds of things, but you can sift, sort discover what women are struggling with in a loving questioning way!

Ask them for tips in conversation, “What kind of skin system are you using?” “I just discovered something new in the market, it’s in the mail and I can’t wait to try it!” Depending on their answer you’re having them place themselves into your shoes in a very gentle easy way using feelings, imagination, emotion, and energy. That helps connect in a memorable way! There are some personality types (of women) that are interested in the numbers, facts, figures & the data. They want charts & details,  I’m not one of them.

Most women will make decisions from the heart, or impulsivly because of the fear of missing out long before they make decisions over facts and figures! 

You have to craft in your mind stories about your journey within your products & your company. If you don’t have one yet, borrow somebody else’s! It’s ok to take a journal & write down other women’s success stories! I know MY success story has been shared out there! 

What is your story? What are your expected results? Talk about your struggles of why you were looking for solutions!


Talk about this idea coming to your mind, “I’m struggling with this, there’s gotta be something!” Millions of women are googling what you have! You have the solution! Your ideas can come to fruition when it comes in the mail & then you can share the inspiration of your success & dicovery!

It’s the same with your network marketing business! “I joined this business & I struggled with ___this___ & then met my sponsor, became inspired & then I had some struggles, then this lesson occured, then I had ___this___  joy!  It’s okay if your story has ups and downs! Because that’s relatable! It’s the small wins, successes, things that matter the most. 


The biggest things when it comes to sharing your testimony are SMALL things.


If you joined a new network marketing company & they’re teaching you how to make new friends and grow your leads, share it! Most companies out there aren’t teaching attraction marketing like our team is, like I DO. I want women to know some skill sets, they don’t have to be salesy and spammy. So small is big! If you make 50 bucks that’s relatable! It doesn’t have to be HUGE results that you’re sharing, small is GOOD. 

Remember that prior to your product you can talk about your aches and struggles and then what changed since taking THAT product! How are you feeling better, more energized, what changed in your life for the positive! How your pains are going away! Share your results since taking the product. You have to keep it short and sweet. It just has to make women feel what you’re feeling, imagine and connecting to what you’re feeling. Giving that positive & uplifting energy at the end.  Being full of gratitude & thanks! 

Sharing stories and testimonials takes the focus off of you.


They are extremely powerful because women can place themselves in your shoes. It’s ok to take a couple of rough drafts, bounce it off of a friend, off of a coach or me!  And if you don’t have the right training or upline, and you don’t know how to craft your story reach out to me! Ask me for that!  I love help teaching how to create and craft your own personal testimony from scratch! 

I really had much fun with this blog! I hope you enjoyed it! Of course if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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