What do you say, what do you think, when someone prospects YOU? You’re in the network marketing business, people know that you’re in love with your product, passionate about your team, people can see that you’re doing well. You’re building an amazing, thriving business, you’re excited about life, and then someone comes and prospects YOU? What do you say to that?!


How can we respond in a classy and kind way?


Every leader gets prospected and sometimes we’re unsure what to say and it can get a little awkward. First of all, if you’re getting prospected, I want you to give yourself a mental “High Five” Sister! That means that you’re doing a few things right in your business. You’re doing it right within your branding and marketing and how you’re showing up within your online space (& in person). You’re “Standing Out, Shining Online”! So give yourself a big fist pump! It’s a good thing that you’re getting prospected. It’s actually a compliment that someone is reaching out and trying to prospect you, so begin with that mental state of gratitude & joy. 

How can we express some ideas, create some conversations and not burn any bridges while being kind and thankful? You have to communicate with them in a way that gives them a compliment and expresses your gratitude. These women finally got the nerve to message you! And if you don’t say anything back to them, it’ll be heartbreaking, whether they’re in your business or not. So don’t break their hearts! Respond to them. Take a moment to compliment them and be grateful that they did their job! They are connecting and prospecting! 


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It’s a sign that people are watching you!


That someone thinks enough of YOU that they would love to have you on their team! So this is a sign and in aspects a recognition point! 

Take this opportunity of them reaching out and try to prospect you into their business by connecting & having a great conversation with them. They’re ready to have a deeper meaningful connection and it’s not going to end in the way that they want. BUT if you take the time to respond to them you’re being classy, kind, generous and you’re not burning any bridges. This woman is hungry for connections and communication so give that to her. Connect with them and discover how they’re doing! 


This is your opportunity to compliment them!


De-stress them, so their guard is down and they’re being raw and vulnerable to conversation. This is where you can make a deeper connection and better relationship even though you know you’re going to say no! We want to connect with the doers and action takers!

Sometimes this woman is giving it “her last kick at the can”, sometimes this woman has been beaten down, she’s a little sad and just grasping at straws. She’s having a really tough time within her business. She hasn’t yet given up in the industry, she has hope and loves the idea of sisterhood and network marketing but she just might be struggling in her business and you taking the time to connect with her, and build that deeper friendship, asking how she’s really doing, being loving and appreciative is the highlight of her day.

Become Memorable! Become Unforgettable!

When you really ask her ‘How is it going?’ They just might be open to when you reply “You know what? Thank you and I’m so happy that you reached out to me, I’m having the best week and I have to say No but Thank You so much for thinking about me. I’m so crazy busy within my beautiful business I just couldn’t do anything more because I’m about to hit a brand new rank and I couldn’t do my team or customers a disservice by bringing something else to my plate.”

That’s what I say to women that prospect me! And you know what? Half the time they ask me about what the heck Social Retail is and they are actually open to discovering more! They just might ask you what you’re doing if you’re honestly saying that you have something great going on and be open to what you have.

This happens more often than you would think and it matters that you’ve taken the time to connect to that woman and respond to their message!

Be in it for them! Make sure that when you’re coming from that heartfelt manner. You really are being thankful and grateful and with a servant heart of how you can help them and be there for them and bounce some ideas off of each other’s foreheads to deepen that relationship!


I really had much fun with this blog, Of course if you did too, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need or a member of your team!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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