Naturally possessing a sunny nature, digging into the ideas of WHY gratitude should be our default setting was intriguing.  When gratitude is our default setting there are some pretty MAGICAL things that start happening in our lives and to be honest I didn’t really understand the deeper power of gratitude and of positive affirmation. I didn’t understand some of the things that were kind of natural for me but as I’m growing within my self-development and reading more books, this gratitude thing? It’s a BIG hairy deal! I didn’t even know that I’ve actually been doing it for a while!

I want to share some ideas and insights for something that is innately “me” and some hands-on tips that you can begin implementing Gratitude in small pieces of your day, so you’re gonna get MORE out of your day! Catch some deeper insights in the video below:




It’s kind of crazy but I’ve discovered that what you focus on grows, where our focus and energy goes… that blossoms! And it can be positive or negative things. I know for myself when I approach a problem or a trial or tribulation with gratitude some pretty amazing things begin to happen.


What I want share with you guys is applicable no matter where you are or what your business is.


What I’ve learned over the years is that gratitude raises the positive emotions of other people, this is really powerful within network marketing, within your team and community. When you add that positivity, uplifted energy, warm emotion within your team, connections, your conversations and community; is that it empowers people, so they’ll be able to overcome their battles. You get to give them something that is natural within yourself. Other women can grab a hold of that, soak it up, and it pushes them forward! It lifts them up, brings them into potentially positive actions and activities within life, relationships and family.


God knows the world needs more sunshine! So if we have it we should be GIVING it!


When you dig into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, appreciation, and recognition are right there in that triangle of human needs! To be valued and loved! That is a significant need within our lives, and in network marketing, we get the honor of spreading a lot of gratitude! Perhaps some people don’t let it out, share it out, but if you happen to have gratitude and thankfulness in your heart and let it comes out naturally; your friends, team, customers, they feel it and THRIVE on it. People can recover quicker over their battles, challenges and struggles to get quicker to that Sunny Side of Life!

I know that gratitude helps me focus on what I can do, not what I can’t… I have moments of struggles too! I just prefer to focus on what I CAN do, not the other stuff! If I was to focus on what I can’t do and let that fill up space in my brain, we know “nothing positive comes from a negative mindset”. For me, I know that I have trials and tribulations, I know my team has struggles and problems. When life gives us challenges, then we’re encouraged to do better and BE better! Rise up! A challenge can give you a learning experience, and that’s really powerful! If I’m thankful, instead of focusing on the negative, think that next time you can do better! And that will bring even more success to you and your team!


I seek to find gratitude and thankfulness in the challenges and the struggles


It will help me nail it down faster and better! It is our struggles that help shape the people that we are today…. Tenacious and curious! We get more done in our day when we’re filled with gratitude! When I focus on gratitude the day flows better and things seem to work out faster and I’m HAPPIER!

Some people seem to think I don’t have bad days, I just do the very best I can with the situation I am in. The tips I have to help bring more joy and happiness are: Don’t be picky, keep a gratitude journal, appreciate everything (that your alarm clock went off this morning, that you had a quiet morning with yourself, the coffee you drank in the morning, etc.), gratitude doesn’t have to be saved for the BIG things in life! Find the lessons and learning within your challenges!


I really had much fun with this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Of course, if you did, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!


Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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