When “Shit Happens”, we ask ourselves what now? How did this happen? What next?  It’s ok, call me crazy that “I Want To Discuss An UNPLEASANT Subject: ”DooDoo” …

YUP, I’m Going There! I haven’t talked about this in a long time… Let me share a life hack with you…


A negative mindset can never bring you a positive life.



I want to give you a loving gentle reminder that “just because some people are fueled by drama, does not mean your required to attend their performance”.

Because we all need energy to function in this world and some of us choose healthy sources like good food, uplifting conversations, empowering connections, movement, spiritual moments, fun, laughter & dear friends.

Some people use gossip, bullying, chronic complaining, wicked whispers, drama, a whirlwind tizzy & of constant chaos rushing from one thing to another.

I try to choose to make my life a drama-free zone and YES, I welcome your company.

It’s not that Shit don’t happen in my life, and I don’t see the SH** storms going on…

What I Doo Doo is STEP Quietly, I do try not to disturb the flies as I step around and walk on by.

Also, sometimes when I in-advertently cause my own “stink” LOL .. Because Hey I Am Human!! I pack those little baggies, and quietly “take care of it” with as little fuss as possible and carry on.

There is “the good, bad & ugly”, both positive & negative every day, every where; YOUR day will unfold in the way you place your focus, attention & energy.

Is this person in my life always seem to be in a vortex of drama? A storm of negativity & complaining? Is it avoidable? Reduce exposure?

It is a moment of choice, step around it, deal with it or step in it…

Everyone has “Doodoo” happening in life, the difference is how we decide at that moment to deal with it..

Ask that question of yourself; Engaging in this Shit, is going to do what for me?

Help or Hinder?

Positive or Negative?

Am I living in a reactionary moment? What can be done proactivity as I see this Doo Doo Storm on the horizon?

How I am engaging in this Doo Doo; Is this a good use of my time, emotions & energy? How can I make myself  FEEL better? 

Don’t let the stumbles, darkness of your past block the light of joy in your present.

What has happened is Done!

Stop giving time, emotion, energy to things which no longer exist, where there is so much joy to be found in the here and now!


I really had much fun with this blog, Of course if you did too, you are welcome to share this forward to a friend in need!

Cheers, Roxanne
See you on The Sunny Side of Life!

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